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When the printing presses stop rolling, digital subscriptions will not be enough to make up the revenue shortfall at Fairfax. Julian Smith/AAP

Fairfax has a plan, but it’s not the paywall

With digital subscriptions barely registering on the revenue front, media companies are staking their hopes on alternative revenue sources.
The real life of Gina Rinehart is dramatic enough – so why did the writers of House of Hancock need to embellish it? AAP Image/Tony McDonough

The Hancock truths are strange enough – did we need fiction?

Last weekend Channel 9’s two-part television drama, House of Hancock, was screened. It wasn’t quite the version that the producers had expected to air. After legal action was initiated against Channel…
Sales of infant formula are booming in China, attracting investment from new quarters. Shen Xiang/EPA/AAP

China’s ‘white gold’ infant formula rush comes at a public health cost

Alongside this week’s announcement of a free trade deal between China and Australia came reports of Gina Rinehart’s investment in a Queensland dairy operation to supply infant formula to China. Australia’s…
Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill mine has secured funding from multiple sources, including Export-Import banks in the US, Japan and Korea. Hancock Prospecting/AAP

Why the US Export-Import Bank backed Rinehart’s Roy Hill

When Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill mine proposal secured the multi-billion dollar financing deal needed to proceed last week, questions were asked about the US$694.4 million coming from the US Export-Import…
Australia’s richest person Gina Rinehart has failed in her legal bid to force journalist Steve Pennells to reveal his sources for a series of stories. AAP/Tony McDonough

Pennells decision a win for source protection and investigative journalism

In a landmark ruling, the Western Australian Supreme Court has dismissed an attempt from mining magnate Gina Rinehart to force a journalist to disclose his sources and materials. Steve Pennells, a senior…
Fairfax’s Richard Baker and Nick McKenzie are two of the five journalists currently involved in legal disputes for not revealing their sources. Image supplied by MEAA

Protecting the journalists' privilege: reporters go to court

The protection of confidential sources is an ethical and legal minefield for journalists in Australia, despite the introduction over the past two years of so-called journalists’ privilege in several jurisdictions…
Tax benefits have made family trusts an increasingly popular financial arrangement. Image from

Time for policymakers to address tax benefits from family trusts

Family trusts have featured heavily as part of recent media reporting of the circumstances of two very high-profile families: the Rineharts and the Obeids. Of course, these are not the only families that…
Will the opening of the Galilee Basin undermine Queensland’s economic and environmental future? AAP

Why the Galilee Basin is worth worrying about

The Galilee Basin is a massive Queensland coal basin on the verge of being opened up for the first time. If it goes ahead as anticipated, there will be a host of significant impacts ranging from the local…
Given its parlous financial state, Queensland is within its rights to increase mining royalties. But why frame it as a surplus profits tax? AAP

Queensland coal: an accounting black hole

The Queensland Government has decided to raise coal mining royalties. Seems reasonable, doesn’t it? A review of Queensland Pty Ltd by Peter Costello revealed a precarious balance sheet. Time to get things…
Australian iron ore producers have had a torrid time in recent months - but how they quickly they can respond to such fluctuations will be critical to their continued success. AAP

The floating fortunes of our iron ore barons

Despite the recent fluctuations of the iron ore price, producers such as mining billionaires Andrew Forrest and Gina Rinehart entered the iron ore market with eyes wide open and understand the long-term…
The real significance of a decision forcing Gina Rinehart to pay the court costs of both her children and media outlets is to demonstrate legal independence and the importance of open justice.

Costs of justice: Another episode in the Rinehart dispute

In every parent’s life there comes a time when it’s best to hand over the keys to the kids and treat them as adults. That time comes quicker if they haven’t been wrapped in cotton wool or reminded of inadequacies…
Under pressure: Fairfax chairman Roger Corbett has extended an olive branch to Gina Rinehart. AAP/Dean Lewins

Rinehart closes on Fairfax seats as ally joins board

Fairfax Media’s decision to offer a board seat to Jack Cowin, a close confidant of Gina Rinehart, is likely an attempt to…
An extraordinary attack on ASIC chairman Greg Medcraft this week will do much to weaken confidence in the efficacy of the financial architecture, without any obvious potential upside.

Attack on ASIC chief draws corporate governance into political mire

The attack on the authority, integrity and judgement of the chairman of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Greg Medcraft, by the shadow minister for financial services and superannuation…
If she is unable to gain seats on the board, Gina Rinehart can still establish a control base by initiating a takeover of Fairfax and offering a premium to shareholders. AAP

Paying a premium could shore up Rinehart’s control of Fairfax

Fairfax Media Ltd’s constitution enables the board to allocate board places in addition to the existing directors up to the maximum number of directors allowed in the constitution - not more than 12 unless…
Certain obstacles - such as Fairfax’s 51% shareholding in New Zealand incorporated company Trade me - play a role in Gina Rinehart’s decision to lower her stake in Fairfax to 15%. AAP

What’s behind Gina Rinehart’s Fairfax sell-down?

Hancock Prospecting’s explanation for selling down to 15% of Fairfax suggests it is unlikely either to bid or sell down further in the short term. Its stated reason was to clear an obstacle - arising from…
News limited chief executive Kim Williams has outlined a coherent strategy for the future, while Fairfax has relied on panic tactics, stoking fears of a crisis.

Media earthquake: panic, disinformation, and competing visions at Fairfax and News

So that was the week that was. The Conversation anticipated this would be a big week that required close scrutiny and debate. What we didn’t realise was that first thing Monday morning Fairfax would announce…
Rinehart will experience push-back from Fairfax staff if she tries to change the paper’s editorial direction. AAP/Julian Smith

Why does Gina Rinehart want control of Fairfax?

It is elementary that most business investors seek to make money. But Gina Rinehart’s investment in Fairfax is not aimed at a financial return. There are a hundred other, healthier companies where this…

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