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Who are the winners and losers from recent medical research funding announcements? from

Is the NHMRC funding process fair?

The recent NHMRC funding announcement has renewed criticism about how medical research is funded in Australia. Is the system fair? Or is it stacked against some researchers?
The fight for lower or no university fees should be taken beyond campuses to places where South Africa’s financial elite rule. Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters

Only pressure on South Africa’s elites can ease university fee stress

The next step in South African students’ fight against high university fees could be taken beyond campuses. The final battle will be fought at the country’s National Treasury and Reserve Bank.
Tony Abbott is preparing the electorate for his government’s first budget. Julian Smith/AAP

Debt and deficit, levies and taxes: let the real debate begin

The prospect of a “debt” tax or some sort of “deficit levy” to assist with the budget bottom line should prompt a clearer debate about the virtues of raising taxes versus cutting expenditure as a means…
There’s no evidence to back up the claim the Australian Government has become too large. nicsuzor/Flickr

The Commission of Audit’s first job should be to kill itself off

A supposition behind the Commonwealth’s Commission of Audit is that government has become “too large”. The first paragraph of the Commission’s terms of reference sets the context, stating: During this…
Scientists take to the streets, optimistically. PA

Science is vital, just not in the way you think

The UK government’s spending review is coming up and scientists are worried. They fear that there may be cuts to science funding, which they were able to just about avoid in 2010 after a strong campaign…

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