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If all the over-55s got walking, we could save almost $2 billion in health care costs each year. from

New study shows more time walking means less time in hospital

Walking has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, bowel and breast cancers, osteoporosis and diabetes. New data shows it also reduces the need for hospital care.
What does the budget hold for health care? from

Federal budget 2016: health experts react

This is a steady-as-she goes budget, mostly just confirming pre-announcements with only the expected unpleasant decisions, such as the continuation of the Medicare rebate freeze.
As the Australian government tightens its belt, consumers end up spending more of their own money on health. Nikki Short/AAP Image/AAP

Patients paying more for health care as government tightens belt

Australians are picking up some of the slack of government belt-tightening by paying more for health, with experts concerned this could reduce the equity in Australia’s health system.
Last night’s budget edges closer toward equity but a broader view of health is required if we are to make real progress. winnifredxoxo/Flickr

Small tilt toward health equity in the federal budget

Health took a back seat in this year’s federal budget. While the proportion of money being spent on health is increasing in 2013-14, the bulk of it is due to spending commitments made in previous budgets…

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