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A new-generation weapon, in white, launches from an older one, the B-52 bomber. Mike Cassidy/U.S. Air Force

US, Russia, China race to develop hypersonic weapons

Missiles that fly 3,000 mph or faster – much faster than the speed of sound – are the next generation of high-technology weapons.
China’s new J-20 stealth fighter was placed into combat service in February. AAP/EPA

China’s quest for techno-military supremacy

China has upped its defence spending and is investing heavily in revolutionary technologies that could transform its military into the world’s most powerful force by the middle of the century.
The scramjet crashed, but the experiment was a success. Janelle Kirkland (UQ)

Autopsy of a space disaster turns failure to success

On September 18 this year, far above the Arctic Circle at Norway’s Andoya Rocket Range, the SCRAMSPACE hypersonic scramjet flight experiment was about to launch. Three and a half years of intense effort…
Hypersonic aircraft seem destined to enter the commercial market. davekellam

Sydney to London in an hour? The future of hypersonic air travel

Late last week the Defence Advanced Research Programs Agency (DARPA) in the USA launched a second flight of a craft called the HTV-2, designed to glide at Mach 20 while re-entering the earth’s atmosphere…

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