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Immigration Minister Chris Bowen may no longer be guardian to unaccompanied asylum seeker minors. AAP/Alan Porritt

Expert panel leaves asylum seeker children in the dark

The circumstances of unaccompanied minors are barely addressed by the Houston report on asylum seekers. There is one reference to “vulnerable persons”. This is in the context of transferring those with…
Detention on Nauru is not the answer – and neither is the Malaysian solution. AAP/Rural Australians for Refugees

Fraser: increase refugee intake, process in Indonesia and Malaysia

Recent debates on asylum seeker problems have revolved around two approaches that are not going to work. The opposition’s Nauru solution is not going to get people off boats. It is part of the process…
Refugees stuck in Malaysia are not a means to an end - their rights as individuals are inviolable. AAP/Karlis Salna

The moral philosophy of the Malaysia Solution

There’s a knock on the door. It’s late, and it has been a wild and stormy night. You wonder who could possibly be outside in this weather. Opening the door you find a young man collapsed on your doorstep…
Julia Gillard and Immigration Minister Chris Bowen after the High Court ruled the Malaysian Solution invalid. AAP

Onshore processing: what it means for asylum seekers

The Federal Government’s position on handling asylum seekers is in disarray. The High Court has ruled its Malaysia Solution invalid and the Coalition has indicated it will not support moves to amend the…
Medical professionals have a responsibility to speak on policy issues affecting health, including the health of refugees in detention, a top medical journal has said. AAP

Medical journal condemns prolonged refugee detention

A top Australian medical journal has called for an end to prolonged mandatory detention of refugees, warning that time in detention is associated with poor mental and physical health. The Medical Journal…
Julia Gillard inherited a failing government, and made it worse. AAP/Lukas Coch

Luckless Labor’s Malaysia failure

The American comedian WC Fields once joked that the best advice in business was “never give a sucker an even break”. Now the High Court has rejected the government’s deal with Malaysia to swap asylum seekers…
Protestors outside the High Court during a previous hearing in Malaysian Solution case. AAP

Malaysia Solution: High Court ruling explained

The Gillard government’s refugee policy is in disarray after the full bench of the High Court today made permanent injunctions preventing the removal of asylum seekers to Malaysia. The action was initially…
Mentally ill detainees should be placed in the community for treatment and support. AAP

Asylum seeker mental health probe long overdue

The Commonwealth Ombudsman yesterday launched an investigation into rising rates of self-harm among detainees of Australia’s immigration detention centres, after it emerged that 50 instances of cutting…
Malaysia’s history with human rights spells disaster for its refugee deal with Australia AAP Image/Karlis Salna.

Malaysian refugee swap spells human rights disaster

On Monday, Australia and Malaysia signed a deal that will mean 800 refugees that have arrived in Australia will be swapped with 4,000 verified refugees from Malaysia. This deal from both Australian and…
Refugees await processing on Christmas Island. Academics, charities and other refugee advocates have condemned a plan by the Australian government to send asylum seekers to Malaysia. AAP

Academics and activists condemn Malaysia refugee deal in open letter

A conference of academic experts on asylum seekers has published an open letter calling on the United Nations to condemn the Australian government’s plan to send 800 refugees who arrive by boat in Australia…

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