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The National Library of Australia recently launched the Australian Web Archive - a historical record of Australian web content. Shutterstock

The Australian Web Archive is a momentous achievement – but things will get harder from here

The National Library of Australia’s web archive preserves online Australian content dating back to 1996. The next step is to archive platforms such as Facebook and Twitter - but it won’t be easy.
Australia’s librarians are a vital component of our research institutions. Shutterstock

A library without librarians is a just a shed full of books

The research libraries attached to Australia’s art galleries are one of the nation’s great cultural assets. But the National Gallery of Australia’s library is losing crucial staff as ‘efficiency dividends’ hit home.
The National Library of Australia safeguards one of Australia’s most important living archives. Paul Hagon

Treasure Trove: why defunding Trove leaves Australia poorer

Australia has one of the world’s best reference libraries, available freely to anyone with an internet connection. Severe funding cuts will cripple Trove’s capacity – and that should worry everyone.

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