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Toxoplasma gondii cyst hosted in a mouse’s brain. Jitender P. Dubey / PLOS Biology

Toxoplasma: the parasite that takes over our brains

Toxoplasma is a protozoan, a single-celled organism so small that it lodges inside the cells of animals (one in three humans) and modifies their behaviour.
Identified in boxer dogs in 1984, the parasite Neospora caninum is harmless to humans, yet has been shown to be effective against tumour cells in mice. Shutterstock

A dog parasite could help fight incurable cancers – what our immunotherapy research revealed

New research has found that a parasite first identified in dogs could help stimulate the human immune system to attack cells of cancerous tumours.
Black-legged ticks carry Lyme disease, which continues to spread widely across the United States. CDC/Michael Levin

Tick bites: Every year is a bad tick year

How bad are ticks this year? An expert explains why tick-borne diseases are on the rise.

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