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Cutting a dash. A 1957 Chevrolet. Randy von Liski

Hard Evidence: are we facing another financial crisis?

Taken at face value, David Cameron’s warning this week about risks in the global economy sounds like it might be wonderfully prescient. Here’s the country’s economic chauffeur, carefully checking his instrument…
Will the credit card cover this? ben_osteen

Time to stop inflating the household debt bubble

Household debt in the UK recently hit a record high, surpassing the previous peak reached in September 2008. That was the month when Lehman Brothers collapsed, sparking off the global financial crisis…
While the Coalition has criticised Australia’s public debt levels, it is the country’s private debt that is the big issue. Image sourced from

The truth behind our ‘dangerous’ public debt levels

Liberal MP Andrew Robb has criticised the rise in public debt under the current Gillard government in a recent ABC radio interview. During the interview, Robb claimed growth in public debt was excessive…

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