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Articles on Queensland elections 2015

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If Campbell Newman doesn’t survive as Queensland premier after this month’s election, his health minister, Lawrence Springborg (left), has a strong case to step forward. AAP/Dave Hunt

Who are Queensland’s unofficial premiers-in-waiting?

It’s the question dogging Premier Campbell Newman everywhere he goes this election – who will lead Queensland if his party wins, but he loses? So far, Newman’s line has been: I firmly believe that if we…

LNP Gains in Two New Queensland Polls

The Queensland election will be held on 31 January. Two new Queensland polls from Galaxy and Newspoll, both published today, show the Liberal National Party (LNP) gaining support from Other parties. As…
Labor leader Annastacia Palaszczuk is backing candidate Scott Stewart (left) to win back Townsville – one of several north Queensland seats Labor lost in the last state election. AAP Image/Nathan Paull

The battle for north Queensland votes, 1000 miles from Brisbane

If this month’s Queensland election is as tight as some polls suggest, voters in the state’s north – where Labor was reduced to just two seats after its huge 2012 election defeat – could prove decisive…
Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has surprised voters by calling an early election for January 31. AAP/Dave Hunt

Queensland’s early election hinges on a test of Newman’s strength

The biggest battle Campbell Newman faces in the Queensland election on January 31 is the one against himself. The election, called on Tuesday morning, will be a referendum on the achievements of the Premier…

NSW and Queensland Newspolls

Over the Christmas/New Year period, The Australian has released Newspolls for NSW, Queensland, SA and WA. Elections are due early this year in both NSW and Queensland, so these surveys are of the most…
The protagonists are different in this political reincarnation of Pauline Hanson and One Nation, and so is the lay of the land in Australian politics. AAP/Dave Hunt

Hanson gets the band back together – can she make an impact?

Pauline Hanson has reunited with One Nation to contest the seat of Lockyer in the upcoming Queensland election. The reunion is an acknowledgement that neither Hanson nor her former party has fared so well…
Queensland Labor under Annastacia Palaszczuk has claimed a lead in the polls ahead of next year’s state election. AAP/Dan Peled

One down, two to go? Labor revival puts incumbents on edge

The rule of thumb in Australian politics has been that voters are reluctant to throw out governments after a single term. And if they do, it’s during a major crisis. Perhaps that’s a measure of Australians…
Some unhappy state Liberals are pointing to an unpopular federal government and its budget as the source of their electoral woes. AAP/Joe Castro

Are voters set to stop giving first-term leaders a second chance?

In today’s politics, few governments are ever safe. Even freshly minted administrations now age at an incredible speed. The most casual observer will know how much trouble the Abbott government finds itself…
Queensland premier Campbell Newman needs to sell substantive policy change as well as a change in personal branding if he is to be successful at the next election. AAP/Dave Hunt

Newman has time to learn from Stafford byelection defeat

The result in Saturday’s Stafford byelection in Queensland was entirely expected. Since the electorate was re-established before the 2001 election, Stafford had remained a safe seat for Labor. That was…

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