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It’s not all about building multi-coloured-ball guns. But you might as well.

Five ways the Raspberry Pi is making life a little sweeter

The Raspberry Pi project began when a few of us in Cambridge bemoaned the fall in numbers of computer science applicants and the decline in hobbyist programmers. Five years on, much has changed. Applications…
A home-made hexapod robot on display at a Mini Maker Faire at Somerville in the US. Chris Devers

Makers bridge the gap between science and art

One evening when I was young, my father confiscated my radio because he said I was playing it too loud (I wasn’t). Fortunately, I had a bunch of broken down receivers in my room, so I built a new one…
Despite their educational appeal, the majority of Pis sold have been bought by middle-aged hobbyists. Yan Arief via Flickr

Is the Raspberry Pi an innovation in computer training, or just another toy?

This week the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced that they had manufactured 1 million Raspberry Pi computers in the UK. In an age when the very thought of manufacturing anything outside of China would be…

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