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Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer at the Calgary Stampede on July 6. Groups associated with the Christian right are expected to support his political party in the October elections. The Canadian Press/Jeff McIntosh

The Christian right’s efforts to transform society

The current political climate influenced by white evangelicals in the United States has emboldened similar religious groups in Canada ahead of our own federal election.
Children at a Koranic school in Mombasa, Kenya. Michał Huniewicz/Flickr

Arab-Islamic education in Sub-Saharan Africa: going beyond clichés to build the future

In Sub-Saharan Africa, Arab-Islamic education is neither a limited nor recent phenomena. While poorly understood, it remains a fundamental part of the educational development of the region.
White House spokesman Sean Spicer and senior advisor Kellyanne Conway chat. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Seeking truth among ‘alternative facts’

How do we determine what is fact? An archaeologist explains how the answer has changed over time and why it matters so much now.
Daviegunn/Wikimedia commons

Three ancient cities to rival London, Paris and New York

It can be difficult to imagine that the antiquities in our museums were once a part of vibrant and cosmopolitan cities. Let our expert take you on a tour of three cities to rival today’s global hubs.
We need to move beyond assumptions that religion is simply about dogmatism. Daniel Montemayor

Get literate in myth, religion and theology

We need to move beyond assumptions that religion is simply about dogmatism, and should continue teaching religion within a secular educational structure.
Square away your personal philosophy now; proof of life beyond earth is coming. Stargazing image via

Is your religion ready to meet ET?

Astronomers have found thousands of exoplanets and the hunt is on for life beyond Earth. Once biological neighbors are identified, our planet’s philosophies and religions will need to adapt.
Let the floodgates open. © Niko Tavernise, Paramount Pictures Corporation

Can religion sell? Noah and the search for an audience

The trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s Noah features a craggy-faced, bearded Hollywood star, a cast of hundreds and a host of incredibly well-rendered CGI animals. The latter might be a sign of our times…
Pope Francis’ journey to the Middle East will be a defining journey on the question of Catholic-Eastern Orthodox unity. EPA/L'Osservatore Romano

Making history personal: Pope Francis’ mission of unity to the Middle East

Pope Francis announced this month he will visit the Middle East in May this year. While it has been foreshadowed since the first weeks of his papacy, this event will place the Church’s first South American…
George Carey outside the parish Church in Dagenham where he was baptised. Kirsty Wigglesworth/PA Archive

Hard evidence: is Christianity dying in Britain?

Like an Old Testament prophet telling the Israelites that they were doomed, Lord Carey has been warning Anglicans for years of their possible annihilation. The Church is “one generation away from extinction…

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