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Allowing China’s currency to go up and down with the market is one way to longer-term stabilisation. Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Three ways China can tackle its currency dilemma

Beijing wants the Renminbi to become an international currency - but is it prepared to do what it takes?
All eyes are on the renminbi. David Dennis/Flickr

The China FTA and the rise of the redback

Australia’s free trade deal with China will invariably boost bilateral trade and investment. But how trade and investment are settled also matters. Given the rise of the renminbi (RMB) in recent years…
As Hong Kong’s position as China’s economic enabler fades, the island must embrace what it shares. AAP/EPA/Alex Hofford/

Beyond the fog of tear gas, Hong Kong’s future remains with China

“Nothing lasts forever – even the longest, most glittering reign must come to an end someday.” And so it was that Britain’s celebrated fictional Machiavellian mastermind Francis Urqhuart greeted viewers…
In the eye of the beholders, dollar dominance rules.

Why dollar dominance is secure despite growth of global rivals

In imploring the world to be less dependent on the US dollar for international transactions, French finance minister Michel Sapin is expressing a wish that many of the euro’s creators hoped would already…
A currency conversion deal between Australia and China, which would allow the renminbi to be traded directly against the Australian dollar, would slash costs for thousands of businesses. AAP

What would a Chinese currency conversion deal mean for Australia?

Julia Gillard leaves Australia for China tomorrow, her second trip to the Middle Kingdom as Prime Minister. As befits China’s status as Australia’s most important trading partner, the trip has attracted…

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