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Martin’s Droeshout portrait of William Shakespeare (1623) Bodleian Library, Oxford.

How to read Shakespeare for pleasure

The Bard's plays have an unfair reputation for being hard. You're probably reading them in the wrong way.
The country Richard ruled was very different from the one that exists today. University of Leicester

Consent and discontent: what will become of Richard III’s bones?

Richard III’s skeleton, dug up from a carpark in Leicester in 2012, is currently the subject of a legal dispute about where he should be buried. In one corner is the University of Leicester, whose archaeologists…
The bones of Richard III, whose remains were found more than 500 years after his death at the Battle of Bosworth Field. AAP/University of Leicester

Bones of contention: why Richard III’s skeleton won’t change history

“It will be a whole new era for Richard III,” Lynda Pidgeon, spokeswoman for the Richard III Society, said of the discovery that the skeleton found under a car-park in Leicester is almost certainly that…
The skeleton of Richard III was discovered beneath a car park in Leicester, and identified using the DNA of his descendants. EPA/HO

More than a hunch: identifying Richard III with DNA

In the past few days news has come to light of the confirmation that skeletal remains discovered in an excavated site of a Leicester car park are indeed that of the famous English king Richard III. But…
These bones have prompted a discussion about how the English view the monarchy. AAP/University of Leicester

A burial fit for a king: from car park to cathedral for Richard III

The story is almost unbelievable: a king buried for five centuries under what is now a car park, identified through mtDNA analysis with the last surviving matrilineal descendants of his sister. But it…

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