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A golden sun sets on a decades-long campaign to make Southend a city. Leon Wallis from Pixabay

Southend-on-Sea: how British towns become cities

There is nothing stopping a place in the UK declaring itself a city – but most campaigns covet a royal charter.
What does the future hold? cobalt123

Press regulation: the case for the Royal Charter

Britain’s press has been accustomed to a particular form of self-regulation, which I would call self-interested regulation. The bodies we have had, the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) and its predecessors…
Is this the moment of truth for the British press? Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Time for government to stand firm on press regulation

On Monday evening, the BBC’s Newsnight programme revealed that a sub-committee of the privy council had rejected the Royal Charter on press self-regulation put forward by the Press Standards Board of Finance…

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