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Script writers need to think past adjectives for “sexy” when creating female characters. David Noah

Sexist screen representations of women start in the script

Bad female characters start with bad writing. We compare male and female character descriptions, which are often used as the starting point for casting calls.
Writer Vince Gilligan has much to teach us about the human animal and about life. Photo Credit:Ben Leuner/AMC

Three reasons Better Call Saul works: a scriptwriter’s perspective

Many successful shows spawn sequels. In Better Call Saul, writer Vince Gilligan has created a prequel to his phenomenally successful series Breaking Bad. And it works. So how has he done it?
Videogames have the capacity to be complex and engaging in ways not possible in other media. Koen Van Weel/EPA

All work, all play: the art of videogame writing

Games writers dream up characters, dialogue, motivations and plot much like film screenwriters. But rather than keeping an audience captive for two or three hours at a time as in cinema, gamers will play…

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