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Winnie Ngwekasi Primary School in Soweto, South Africa. Public schools have been under pressure since this picture was taken in 2009. Stephane de Sakutin/AFP via Getty Images

South Africa’s public service: real spending is falling, but demand is growing

The real value of basic education and criminal justice services in South Africa has fallen over the past decade. Healthcare budgets too have been under increasing pressure.
Many South African schools lack basic equipment like chairs, textbooks, pens and blackboards. Research suggests they could still succeed – by taking learners’ ideas and concerns more seriously. Ryan Gray/Reuters

Great things happen when learners are taken seriously

What happens when a school doesn’t have many resources but teachers and the principal really listen to learners’ ideas and fears? The results, research finds, can be remarkable.
Trainee teachers at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology during a digital storytelling session. Janet Condy/CPUT

Being human today: sharing stories to shape teachers

Once they graduate, they’ll educate South Africans of all race groups – so what happens when student teachers don’t mix across racial lines? A digital storytelling project is bridging gaps.

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