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Today’s state and territory leaders have an opportunity to emulate the founders of the federation and make history by breathing new life into Australia’s system of government. AAP/Lukas Coch

Rebalancing government in Australia to save our federation

Federation in 1901 is now the middle point between 2014 and the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788. Despite this, most views of federation, if Australians have one at all, are probably shaped by its…
Former Victorian Premier Steve Bracks is one of the rare breed of politician to have left office on his own terms and retaining widespread public goodwill. AAP Image/Julian Smith

In Conversation: Steve Bracks and Stephanie Brookes

In politics, timing is everything and few have managed their exit from public office with the grace and dignity of former Victorian Premier Steve Bracks. So it is with a particularly bitter irony - another…
Former Victoria Premier Steve Bracks was one of Australia’s most successful and longest serving premiers. Alan Porritt/AAP

In Conversation: Steve Bracks full transcript

Stephanie Brookes: We’re here for The Conversation, I’m from the University of Melbourne Media and Communications program and I’m here in Conversation with former Victoria premier Steve Bracks. Thanks…
Julia Gillard’s early announcement of the election date has sparked a debate on fixed terms. AAP/Julian Smith

It’s time for a debate on federal fixed terms

When prime minister Julia Gillard announced last month the nation would go to the polls on September 14, she made political history and caught the nation off guard. She also sparked renewed debate about…

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