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Compulsory super takes money out of the government’s coffers faster than savings on the pension put it back in. Shutterstock

Boosting super will cost the budget more than it saves on age pensions

It is widely believed that compulsory super saves the government money on pensions. It does, but nowhere near enough to pay for the accompanying tax concessions. Lifting compulsory contributions will make things worse, for a century.
What’s the ideal tax system and where do tax expenditures fit in? Image sourced from

Getting tax expenditures right is a game of hypotheticals

In recent days it’s been suggested the Commission of Audit should look at so-called tax expenditures as well as government spending as traditionally defined. Writing in the Australian Financial Review…
The Commission of Audit may miss the true picture if it looks only at cutting costs. Image sourced from

To cut fairly, Commission of Audit should look at tax expenditures

In the lead-up to a crucial federal budget in May, it could be argued that requiring the Commission of Audit to identify revenue trends that could pose a risk to the budget’s structural integrity could…

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