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Commission of Audit chair Tony Shepherd may well be asking: “What happened?” Lukas Coch/AAP

INFOGRAPHIC: Lessons in budget politics

The Commission of Audit set the high water mark for reform designed to protect Australia against an economic downturn. One year on, little of it has made it into policy.
Commissioners of the Abbott government’s Commission of Audit Robert Fisher, Tony Shepherd, Amanda Vanstone and Peter Boxall faced a Senate hearing yesterday, but little was revealed. AAP/Lukas Coch

Audit Commission’s secrecy and haste makes for bad policy

Treasurer Joe Hockey expected yesterday’s public hearing into the Commission of Audit would be a “show trial” and a “stunt”. And at face value he was right. Those who hoped Tony Shepherd or the other Commissioners…
The Business Council of Australia’s call for long-term thinking is moving in the right direction, but wants both expensive spending programs and lower taxes.

Business lobby yearns for a long-term view, but offers a contradictory wish list

There is much to consider when thinking about our future as a nation. We are a small, resource-rich, open economy facing a volatile global environment. We are particularly vulnerable to the impact of climate…

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