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We need to take charge and teach ourselves a bit about the internet in order to stay safe online. gail/Flickr

We need to take responsibility for our own safety online

There is only so much government and business can do to keep us safe online. Ultimately we need to take personal responsibility for how we use the internet.
Trojans such as (1173) Anchises appear to have been caught in Jupiter’s orbit, mid-flight. Dave Hosford

By Jupiter: the gas giant’s Trojans were captured, not pre-formed

You’ll remember that, about a year ago, Canadian astronomers announced the discovery of a small asteroid sharing the earth’s orbit. The asteroid in question, 2010 TK7, is a “planetary Trojan” – an object…
R2D2 could be listening to conversations and logging keystrokes, with high-level backing. practical owl

Ein spy: is the German government using a trojan to watch its citizens?

On October 8, Berlin’s hacking collective the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) announced it had analysed a piece of software it believed had been written by the German Government. Once installed on a computer…

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