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My mum could use that extra cash. Peter Macdiarmid/PA

New childcare accounts help those who already afford quality

The coalition has placed a series of new plans on the table with regard to childcare and early years education. Most eye-catching is the new “tax-free childcare” scheme: from September 2015, for every…
Osborne’s vision doesn’t extend this far. Tom White/PA

The real issues still fester for the north of England

The north of England, along with the central belt of Scotland, created the world we live in today. But the fundamental problems the region now faces stem from the very industrial revolution that shaped…
New Balls please. Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Ed Balls budget reply: no car crash but hardly vintage stuff

The political stock of Ed Balls has been on the rise recently. His ratings have improved in recent weeks. As part of Ed Miliband’s effort to have a more civilised discussion at Prime Minister’s Questions…
This man came into school today and kept going on about hard work. Oli Scarff/PA

Osborne set to leave an awkward debt parcel for his successor

George Osborne’s impromptu child-minding of shadow chancellor Ed Balls during pre-budget interviews summed up his task in the last full year before the election as effectively as Wednesday’s budget speech…
Deficit forecasts? They went that-away! PA Wire

Budget 2014: Miliband whips up an ‘Eton mess’ attack

Ed Miliband’s response to George Osborne’s Budget statement got off to a good start with a quip about the chancellor’s announcement, flagged in this morning’s press, that a new £1 coin would be introduced…
Green shoots? Dominic Lipinski/PA

Budget 2014: experts respond

Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled his fourth budget. The blueprint for recovery includes wholesale changes to pensions and savings, attempts to boost business investment, new relief for the costs…
Young left out of the recovery. Andy Rain/EPA

Hard Evidence: are young people’s job prospects improving?

Recessions always hit young people hard. Firms’ first response to declining orders is to stop hiring new recruits rather than sacking experienced staff. Young people disproportionately rely on new hiring…
Mental block: Osborne has conflicting motives over housing. κύριαsity

Budget 2014: will Osborne cool or fuel the housing market?

Britain is home to an increasingly dysfunctional housing market. The risk is that a chancellor trying to lay the foundations for a 2015 election victory will struggle to find the balance between the short…

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