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A well designed user pays system for Australian roads would help boost productivity. Image sourced from

Road users must pay, sooner rather than later

The longer Australia waits for reform to road use pricing, the more commuters will ultimately end up paying.
The Coalition government is on the wrong track of reform for delivering better health. Alan English/Flickr

Why the government would have us pay more for poorer health

The Coalition government has been claiming that Australia’s public health system is unsustainable since the 2014 budget. But its plans for the health system actually reflect the underlying belief that…
Charging parents in affluent areas more for public schooling will only increase the inequity between schools. Flickr/Philip Bouchard

Wealthier parents shouldn’t pay even more for public schooling

The recent proposal for wealthier families to pay higher fees for public schooling is unworkable and counter-productive on a number of levels. It’s not generally known that the fees levied and collected…
A proposal to remove registration and petrol taxes and replace them with distance charges should get the green light. AAP/Lukas Coch

Making road users pay could clear infrastructure gridlock

This week, Australian motoring groups decided to back road user charges, arguing that it would be a fairer system. At the same time, the groups said the change to user charges would secure sufficient funding…

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