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Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce has written to the Baird government in a last-ditch effort to try to stop the state licence needed for the Shenhua mine. AAP/Lukas Coch

Existing mine’s water issue shows danger of Shenhua project: Joyce

Barnaby Joyce says existing mining activity near the proposed Shenhua Watermark mine in his New England electorate has breached the aquifer, indicating the same is likely to happen with the new project.
Anti-coal protesters at Maules Creek are being watched - although it’s not really clear by who. Greenpeace Australia/AAP

Is spying on anti-coal activists just the tip of the iceberg?

The infiltration of anti-coal protests in New South Wales by spies employed by a private security company is unlikely to be a one-off event. More likely, the revelations of spying on the Maules Creek and…
Anti-coal activists are ramping up civil disobedience: where will the law draw the line? Mark Tighe

Coal in court: Whitehaven, climate change and civil disobedience

The future of Whitehaven Coal’s Maules Creek mine has become a legal issue. The mine’s approval is being challenged in Federal Court; the company’s representatives say if the approval is overturned, they…
Former Greens leader Bob Brown has endorsed Jonathan Moylan’s hoax against Whitehaven Coal; but Moylan’s actions are unethical and corrupt the integrity of our systems.

Whitehaven hoax was an unethical act that was harmful to all

Bob Brown’s opinion piece for Fairfax today seems to endorse Jonathan Moylan’s “activism” as a form of civil disobedience. The thoughts echo the sentiments expressed earlier in the week by his former colleague…
When the community feels locked out of the environmental approvals process, they look for other avenues. Kate Ausburn

Whitehaven hoax shows NSW planning system can’t cope with community concern

This week’s hoax email from an anti-coal activist, Jonathan Moylan, highlights an emerging issue in land-use conflicts both in Australia and internationally. Activists, and in many instances, communities…
Anti-coal activists have targeted Whitehaven before over its development in Maules Creek; but Jonathan Moylan’s recent actions could be interpreted as fraud, not simply civil disobedience.

Public nuisance - or fraud? Whitehaven hoax puts market creditability at risk

It has has been suggested a hoax by anti-coal activist Jonathan Moylan wiping million of dollars from Whitehaven Coal’s share price was an act of “civil disobedience”, akin to chaining a person to a tree…

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