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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at the Pacific Islands Forum in Fiji
Samuel Rillstone/AAP

VIDEO: Albanese under increasing pressure on COVID payment ahead of national cabinet’s meeting on Monday

University of Canberra Professorial Fellow Michelle Grattan and University of Canberra Associate Professor Caroline Fisher discuss the week in politics.

Reflecting on a full week, Michelle and Caroline talk about the Pacific Islands Forum, and the Pacific leaders’ response to Australia’s new climate policy.

At home, the government gave more detail about its September jobs summit, as the latest figures showed a drop in the unemployment rate from 3.9% to 3.5%.

Caroline and Michelle also canvass the worsening COVID crisis and the pressure on the government over its resistance to re-introducing the $750-a-week payments for those isolating with COVID but without sick leave. This argument is intensifying ahead of the special national cabinet called for Monday, which will be briefed on a grim health situation.

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