‘What has happened to the American Dream?’

This week The Conversation US kicks off a collaboration with Point Taken, a new program from WGBH TV that debates a topic that Americans care about – without the shouting.

Up for discussion on Tuesday on PBS and at pbs.org was the health of the American Dream. Is it dead or alive?

Here’s what the panelists said in 68 seconds:

University of Texas Austin’s Mechele Dickerson has been researching three of the Dream’s key elements: owning a home, having stable employment and retiring debt-free and financially secure.

Her answer at The Conversation to Point Taken’s question pulls no punches.

The American Dream that has existed for over 50 years is on life support.

Read her piece here, tell us what you think in Point Taken’s online poll and watch Tuesday’s show where “smart interesting guests disagree without being disagreeable.”

Questions coming up on The Conversation and Point Taken over the next weeks include:

  • Is college worth the price tag?
  • Is technology making us smarter or dumber?

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