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What is energy made of? The Conversation’s Curious Kids podcast

Have you seen that scene from Star Wars where Yoda uses the force to lift the spaceship out of a swamp? Its energy is so powerful, but what exactly is it made of?

That’s what Ela, aged ten from Melbourne, wanted to know. And so she joined our host Eloise to ask Sam Baron, a science philosopher at The University of Melbourne, to find out the answer! And he explained what energy is, and how it works in real life.

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The Conversation’s Curious Kids podcast is published in partnership with FunKids, the UK’s children’s radio station. It’s hosted and produced by Eloise, and this episode was executive produced by Stephen Harris. Full sound credits available here.

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Disclosure statement:

Sam Baron receives funding from the Australian Research Council.

Sound Credits:

The Star Wars clip is from The Empire Strikes Back, cricket bat swing from nextmaking and plastic ball rolling is from giddster both via .

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