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Carbon pricing would help reduce environmental impact

A recent paper by University of Adelaide researchers shows that if one applies “cautious optimism”, carbon prices can help contain greenhouse gas emissions.

However, the paper indicates that a carbon price alone won’t be effective and that joint conservation efforts should be used.

For example, tree plantings should use Australian species so as to maintain biodiversity.

Read more at University of Adelaide

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  1. Lee Emmett

    Guest House Manager

    Professor Corey Bradshaw, Director of Ecological Modelling at the University of Adelaide's Environment Institute is quoted in the university's media release:

    "In general we are cautiously optimistic that moves to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through carbon pricing initiatives can also help conserve our biodiversity - but that, of course, depends on future governments not short-sightedly killing the carbon pricing system."

    We can only hope that this sort of information gets through to government and opposition policy-makers!