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Reuters/Fabrizio Bensch

Berlin: who will stand up for liberalism and tolerance now?

Poor Angela Merkel. Given Germany’s history and her own cautious nature, it’s not been easy being the defacto leader of the European Union at the best of times. But these are far from the best of times…

Rex Tillerson and the new transnational oligarchy

If it weren’t quite so serious it would be funny. A man who styles himself as a champion of the common people, who he claims have been shamefully neglected by out-of-touch, uncaring elites, plans to stuff…
Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

Trumpian deswampification

Of all President-elect Donald Trump’s election promises, “draining the swamp” in Washington was one of the most popular. It is also likely to prove one of the most difficult to fulfil. Thinking about why…
Reuters/William Philpott

Trump rewrites the diplomatic rule book

Even the most pessimistic of commentators must be astounded by US President-elect Donald Trump’s capacity to destabilise some of the most important elements of the existing international order – even before…
Reuters/Mike Segar

Trump’s America: the irresponsible stakeholder?

How times change. A decade or so ago, former World Bank president and deputy secretary of state Robert Zoellick suggested to China that it needed to become a “responsible stakeholder”. Even at the time…
Global cooperation is necessary to fight our greatest challenges. Making it happen is much harder. Shutterstock

On the difficulty of being a world citizen

The idea of effective world governance seems highly unlikely, but it’s an idea we must keep returning to.