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Checking out in style

I am frequently told off by The Conversation’s very informed and sometimes opinionated readership for writing about things that are outside my supposed area of expertise. But on the topic of TC’s innovative…
AAP/David Moir

The Greens grow up

Richard Di Natale’s address to the Lowy Institute was something of a landmark in the evolution of the Australian Greens’ policy agenda.
Reuters/Kim Kyung Hoon

China: (not) talking about a revolution

Fifty years ago on May 16 the Cultural Revolution began. Don’t expect this event to be given much attention in China itself, though. The reality is that despite Mao Zedong’s continuing iconic status, his…
Reuters/Romeo Ranoco

The Philippines: former sick man of Asia suffers relapse

Just when you might have thought the Philippines was on the mend, morbid symptoms of untreated problems re-emerge. It really shouldn’t be this way. It may seem hard to believe in retrospect, but in the…
Reuters/Jacky Naegelen

Street fighting monsieur

A brisk ten-minute walk from where I currently live gets me to Place de la République. Before you get there these days you will see large numbers of gendarmes in riot gear, hear the sounds of a largish…
AAP/Eoin Blackwell

Political geography 101

Geography matters. Whether countries are rich or poor or safe or vulnerable still has more to do with physical geography than we usually acknowledge. Even in age that is routinely described as “global…
EPA/Hannah McKay

Brexit: taking the great out of Britain

It’s not every day we get to see a country seemingly intent on committing political suicide. And yet, despite the pleas of concerned friends and independent evidence about its potential political and economic…
EPA/Mast Irham

Malcolm in the Middle Kingdom

Before European imperialism fatally undermined China’s own dynastic system, it was customary for China’s neighbours to acknowledge its dominance by sending tribute missions to the imperial court. While…
EPA/Andrew Harrer

Our collective nuclear nightmare

Some things never change, it seems. For my entire life people have been protesting about the madness of nuclear weapons. Policymakers have been studiously ignoring such protests for just as long. Not only…
AAP/Mick Tsikas

What is Turnbull’s take on foreign policy?

For anyone who has been following Malcolm Turnbull’s progress as prime minister, his much-anticipated speech to the Lowy Institute contained few real surprises, other that the fact that it was inevitably…