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AAP/Julian Smith

Crown: the trials of a tributary state

Of all the indicators of Australia’s evolving relationship with China, Crown Casino’s current problems are some of the most striking, unexpected and revealing. They present an unflattering but painfully…
Reuters/Robert Galbraith

His Bobness gets a much deserved gong

It was almost inevitable that there would be chorus of – not even rhyming – moaning from the guardians of high culture when Bob Dylan was announced as the winner of this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature…
Reuters/Jon Nazca

Waiting for the revolution

We live in remarkable times. It has become almost obligatory to recite the seemingly unprecedented range of problems that confront us. It has become equally commonplace to bemoan the inability of policymakers…
EPA/Wang Zhao

Soft power and the institutionalisation of influence

There are some rather remarkable aspects of the increasingly heated debate about China’s influence in Australia. First, the idea that China actually has any “soft power” to exert is actually rather surprising…
Reuters/Aly Song

China hosts the G20: prepare to be underwhelmed?

China’s leaders like to put on a good show. Whether it’s the Olympics or the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation meeting, not losing face is paramount. Every country likes to put its best diplomatic foot…

(Real) football: the reds buy the Reds?

Football isn’t what it used to be. In Australia, they don’t even know what football is actually called (it’s not soccer). But what’s even stranger is football has become very popular in countries that…
AAP/Joel Carrett

Ausgrid: electricity decision fails to shock

Poor Scott Morrison. Public policy storms don’t get more perfect than this. Nor are they generally quite as revealing of the increasingly complex environment in which policies are made these days. The…
Reuters/Ruben Sprich

Rubbishing Rio – someone’s got to do it

Unless they start giving Olympic gongs for curmudgeonly whinging, I don’t think I’m in the running “to medal”, as we apparently say these days. I realise I should be feeling a surge of patriotic pride…