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The 1992 class photo from Morse High School in San Diego, California. Ewen Roberts/flickr

Why high school stays with us forever

Evolutionary psychology could explain why the memories and friendships formed during these years seem more vivid, potent and meaningful than those from any other stage of life.
Why should African graduates be honoured with a Latin song when the continent has plenty of its own music and ways of celebrating? Direct Relief/Flickr

Why Gaudeamus igitur has no place at graduations in African universities

A Latin song takes centre stage at graduation ceremonies around the world, including in South Africa. Isn't it time the continent used its own methods to celebrate major events?
Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty says all graduates can make a difference. Shutterstock

You can make a difference: Nobel Laureate’s advice to graduates

Peter Doherty delivered the following speech at a graduation ceremony at Charles Sturt University this week. The first thing to say to new graduates is: congratulations! Special congratulations to the…

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