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See? Some people still like him. Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Voter survey shows Miliband panic is overblown

There is a wobble going on in the Labour party over Ed Miliband’s leadership. A number of Labour backbenchers are said to be becoming increasingly nervous about retaining their seats in next year’s general…
He’s mad. But not that mad. PA

How a £1.7 billion bill turned into a gift for David Cameron

David Cameron’s rage at being told he has to pay the European Union an extra £1.7 billion this year seems genuine enough, but this mini-crisis has also offered him a brilliant opportunity to unite his…
By the skin of their teeth: Ed Miliband and Liz McInnes. Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

Humiliated party leaders still can’t deal with the UKIP threat

“Something big is happening here.” Those were the words of Nigel Farage following the news that Douglas Carswell had become UKIP’s first member of parliament by attracting 21,113 votes in the Clacton by-election…
Swivel eyes on the prize. Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Two by-elections, one winner: the rise and rise of UKIP

The results of the by-elections that have just taken place in Clacton and Heywood and Middleton are virtually impossible to spin for either the Conservatives or Labour. Predictably, each side of Britain’s…
Whichever way you look at it, tax cuts cause losses for all. PA Wire

How Cameron’s tax giveaway will end up costing you more

One of the Conservative Party’s major promises to emerge in its party conference was the promise of tax cuts to reduce the burden of government on hardworking families who do the right thing. Many critics…
Someone needs to catch up on their polling. Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Is a vote for UKIP really a vote for Labour?

In his speech at the Conservative party conference David Cameron claimed that a vote for UKIP is a vote for Labour, an argument likely to be heard with greater frequency as the general election approaches…
You want some? Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Cameron v Miliband: what the body language tells us

Is it possible for the voting public to learn something about their leaders just from watching the body language they display when they speak in public? Given the number of obviously rehearsed gestures…
Straight through the window and in through the back. Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Boris at his very best but speech won’t take him to Number 10

Boris Johnson’s speech is always the highlight of the Conservative party conference. The appearance of the mayor of London is an eagerly anticipated moment of light relief from the barrage of announcements…
Stoking the fires. Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

No shortage of ‘friends’ – but Miliband left them hanging

So no rabbit then. But plenty of friends. Probably too many, if truth be told; and maybe too many promises, too. The six-part plan unveiled by Ed Miliband in his Labour conference speech is at least one…
Voice of the people: David Cameron promises a devolution revolution. Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Cameron makes lightning bid to be the great British reformer

The Flower of Scotland may well be blooming but a number of thorny issues face the prime minister and the leaders of the main parties in the UK. The prime minister’s commitment to a “new and fair constitutional…

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