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The recent rise in the number of GPs could be welcomed as addressing the shortage. Image from

Is the national doctor shortage a myth?

Monash University demographer Bob Birrell is quoted in today’s Australian newspaper as saying the national doctor shortage is “a myth”. He points out a large recent increase in the number of GPs, a rise…
Revalidation is a mechanism by which doctors can confirm that they are up to date in their particular field and fit to practice.

What revalidation checks for doctors should look like

The chair of the Medical Board of Australia, Joanna Flynn, has announced that the board will consult with the profession before proposing a new revalidation scheme. Revalidation is a mechanism by which…
Doctors shouldn’t be forced into policing the choices of their patients. Image from

Don’t blame doctors for patients’ failure to lose weight

The New South Wales Supreme Court recently awarded a morbidly obese man $364,372 in damages for developing terminal liver cancer as a consequence of his doctor’s failure to refer him for bariatric (gastric…
Some GPs are reluctant to broach the issue of weight for fear of offending their patients; others aren’t convinced by the evidence. Image from

Are GPs doing enough to help patients lose weight?

Almost two-thirds (62%) of Australian adults and one fifth (21%) of children aged five to nine years are either overweight or obese. The prevalence has increased by 5% in the last decade and is strongly…
Unless you’re up to date with the healthy food guidelines, don’t preach to fat people about what they should eat. Stocky Bodies (Isaac Brown)

Doctor, don’t make assumptions about your fat patients

A couple of weeks back I awoke with a swollen and painful knee. I’ve had problem knees since high school and figured that this was just another chapter in the saga. Some days later I was fed up – my knee…
GPs have a greater role to play in screening and treating problem gambling. AAP

Gambling reform involves more than just popping a pill

The Greens yesterday released the party’s problem gambling discussion paper. The paper advocates, among other things, for general practitioners to play a greater role in screening and treating problem…
An equal relationship between doctors and nurses working in general practice will mean comprehensive primary health care for patients. nursing pins/Flickr

Equal but not the same: why we need to rethink how doctors and nurses work

Doctors and nurses appear to work harmoniously together but this apparently serene state of affairs is actually hiding inequality. Instead of giving nurses the room to shine in their workplace, the traditional…
Home help is much more effective than written instructions from a doctor.

Why home help is the best bang for our health buck

The new Victorian Health Plan 2012-22 offers a bleak prognosis: forever rising medical costs, doctors in the wrong places, hospitals overwhelmed. To make matters worse, it claims that patients can’t be…

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