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Understanding Venus’ atmosphere helps us understand Earth’s past, present, and a potential future. Keith Mosley

What Venus has taught us about protecting the ozone layer

SAVING THE OZONE: Part six in our series exploring the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer – dubbed “the world’s most successful environmental agreement” – looks at the atmosphere…
It’s time for the Future Fund to end its deadly addiction to tobacco investment. Robert Huffstutter

No future? End the Future Fund’s affair with Big Tobacco

Australia has shown outstanding leadership on tobacco control - but it could do more. The next step is surely for the Future Fund to quit its addiction to tobacco investments. The Gillard government’s…
Leave “wicked” to the witches and let’s get on with the job of policy research. Witches image from

Too many ‘wicked problems’: how science, policy and politics can work together

Wicked problems, so we are told, are everywhere. Climate change, conflict, an ageing population, obesity… the list goes on. The debate over asylum seekers, difficult and important and politically charged…
Music can create a vortex – and a coupling of cortexes. AlicePopkorn

Motion slickness: music moves makers and listeners alike

Music is an emotional business. But is it also a natural law, bound in with our bodies and ideas of motion we’re only beginning to understand? I am in the unique position of studying with both Professor…
Will the Qantas-Emirates alliance restore the beleaguered Australian airline back to profitability? AAP

The Qantas-Emirates alliance: a flight path to future growth?

Today, Alan Joyce has announced that Qantas and Emirates have struck a joint venture alliance for the next 10 years. As a result, Qantas will be taking its passengers to Europe through Dubai, instead of…
You think you can’t afford it, but do you know what it costs? AAP Image /Lukas Coch

Where is it cheapest to cut carbon emissions?

There is no single answer to the question of where it’s cheapest to cut emissions. But when more than one country shares a common carbon price or tax, the total cost of the climate policy is higher in…
The Reserve Bank of Australia is expected to keep the cash rates unchanged tomorrow: but prominent economists say the case for a cut may be firming. AAP

Hold ‘em: but case for interest rate cut strengthens

CAMA’s Shadow Board, which gives its views ahead of the decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia, continues to support the current setting of the cash rate at 3.5%. But economists are seeing a greater…
The Coalition has ruled out increasing GST, despite calls from former Prime Minister John Howard for GST to apply to food. But could a policy change be in the wings? AAP

Coalition must come clean on plans for GST

There is almost unanimous agreement among mainstream economists, tax experts, Treasury, business and even politicians (albeit very quietly) that the Goods and Services Tax will have to be increased and…
Iran’s gas could make a difference to the world’s carbon-reduction efforts, if only the world was allowed to use it. EPA/Abedin Taherkenareh

US–Iran normalisation could fight climate change

The problem of climate change policy at an international level is not only about reaching agreement on sharing the mitigation burden. It is also about how dysfunctional foreign policies - not directly…
What will removing the price floor and linking to the EU carbon market mean for Australia’s carbon price? AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Carbon price floor axed, but EU market links a good substitute

You might have thought Australia’s carbon pricing scheme was done and dusted – at least until the next government comes in. Today’s announcement about the price floor and international permit trading proves…
Employment Minister Bill Shorten has ruled out an increase in the Newstart allowance - but would an increase really deter people from looking for work?

Will a Newstart boost actually deter jobseekers?

It’s been revealed that the Federal Government has been sitting on advice since 2009 showing the Newstart payment has dropped well behind other government allowances. The National Centre for Social and…
Coronations or conventions? Barack Obama and Joe Biden salute the masses at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. EPA/Matthew Cavanaugh

As the American party conventions begin, don’t write off their relevance

Delegates and media are gathering this week in Tampa, Florida, for the Republican National Convention. With the threat of Hurricane Isaac forcing a one-day delay to the start of the convention, political…
US development of wind energy is lowering emissions without reducing economic growth. Sam Beebe

Climate Commission: global climate action gathers momentum

Ninety countries representing 90% of the global economy are committed to reducing their greenhouse emissions and are taking action to do so. This is one of the take-home messages from the Climate Commission’s…
Could listening be the way forward for scientists and science? shannonkringen

Help needed: can you fix the science/ society divide?

Want to help fix the science/ society divide? We’re making a documentary looking at how we might do this, and we’re looking for your help. Why? Well … You don’t need to be a rocket sociologist to know…

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