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ANU was established, in 1946, to advance the cause of learning and research for the nation. It is consistently ranked among the world’s best universities and many ANU graduates go on to become leaders in government, industry, research and academia.


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Leaders of the member states of the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) from 2010. Gobierno de Chile/Wikimedia Commons

A mercurial treaty: the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the United States

According to the United States Trade Representative (USTR), Ron Kirk, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is “an ambitious, next-generation, Asia-Pacific trade agreement that reflects U.S. priorities and values…
Don’t we want to be interesting, relevant, useful, independent and well-informed? Gary Hayes

Bush, beach, beer and bayonet - or a grown-up Australia in Asia?

WHAT IS AUSTRALIA FOR? Australia is no longer small, remote or isolated. It’s time to ask What Is Australia For?, and to acknowledge the wealth of resources we have beyond mining. Over the next two weeks…
Elinor Ostrom, the only woman to have won a Nobel prize for economics, was most famous for challenging the idea of the “tragedy of the commons”: that in the absence of government intervention, people will overuse shared resources. acschweigert

The grand philosopher of the Commons: in memory of Elinor Ostrom

The grand philosopher of the Commons, Elinor Ostrom, passed away on the 12th June 2012. She was a brilliant, creative polymath; a theoretician of fine precision and great intellectual power; a deviser…
We can’t really measure vitamin D levels well, so adding it to food may be premature. Perfecto Insecto/Flickr

To D or not to D: adding vitamin D to food is no panacea

Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones – low levels result in deformed limbs in children (rickets) and weakness and bone pain in adults. So there’s no question that we should all strive to maintain normal…
The Menzies government was voted in with the help of the John Henry Austral ads. National Library of Australia

Liberal Party ads from the 1940s speak today’s political language

After languishing in an archive box at Melbourne University for more than 20 years, an astonishing piece of Australian political history has recently been dusted off and digitised. The university has unearthed…
Our relationship with four-legged friends has brought many benefits. JDEN

Canine and able: how dogs made us human

What role have dogs played in human evolution? Woof … now there’s a question. Anthropologist Pat Shipman, in a recent issue of American Scientist, suggests dogs gave our human ancestors an advantage over…
After 70 years, Mein Kampf is to be re-printed. Michael Dawes

Is Mein Kampf still too dangerous?

Almost 70 years ago, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in the bunker of the Reich Chancellery, marking the downfall of one of the most murderous regimes the world has ever seen. Decades later, there is still…
The UK Supreme Court has ruled in favour of extraditing Julian Assange. EPA/Kerim Okten

Assange extradition: what next for Wikileaks founder?

Julian Assange’s legal battle has taken a new direction overnight, with the UK Supreme Court ruling in favour of his extradition to Sweden following the issue of a European arrest warrant in November 2010…
Having more women in parliament might bring broad benefits. AAP

Want a strong economy? Elect more women

Gender equality and female empowerment are development buzz words with bite. And with good reason. Researchers have shown gender inequality in education reduces economic growth and women are typically…
An iron ore project in Western Australia similar to that proposed by Gina Rinehart at Roy Hill. AAP Image/Rebecca Le May

Enterprise Migration Agreements - why won’t Australians do the work?

The announcement that controversial mining billionaire Gina Rinehart is to use new Enterprise Migration Agreements to employ 1715 foreign construction workers on her $9.5 billion Roy Hill iron ore project…
Fat discrimination may result from everyday values and practices we use to regulate our relationship to food and public life. davehighbury/Flickr

Does the art of living make fat discrimination common sense?

The persecution of people for their weight is a serious problem that should be addressed by government and civil society. But the ideal of ending fat discrimination faces some profound difficulties. This…
More than 50% of the Airbus A350 is made of composite materials. EPA/DB/EADS

Let’s stick together: composite materials, aeroplanes and you

What do Novak Djokovic’s tennis racket, Mark Webber’s F1 car and the new Boeing 787 have in common? They all extensively rely on composite materials. A composite material is a strategic combination of…
NCDs are responsible for the increase in mortality and morbidity in developing countries still grappling with infectious diseases. AAP

Keeping the lid on chronic diseases needs global buy-in

The 2011 UN High-Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Prevention and Control marked an all-time high in the recognition of the devastating toll of the global NCD epidemic. But much remains to…
We all know moving is hard. It’s even harder when you don’t want to go. But it can still be a positive decision. United Nations

Environmental migrants: victims, or heroes of adaptation?

Who are the “climate change migrants” we hear about with increasing regularity in the media and in global and regional policy forums? Are they the victims of devastating environmental forces - the result…
Getting the picture is one thing – developing it is quite another. AloneAlbatross

Caught short: a snapshot of Australian engineering

On Tuesday, Australia’s Chief Scientist Ian Chubb released the 200-page Health of Australian Science report. As reported on The Conversation, Australia is doing pretty well overall despite some areas that…

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