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“Packed” with Excitement

I’m generally not too fussed about packing. Most of my packing is done haphazardly the morning of my flight, or the night before in the most extreme cases, with clothes tossed semi-folded or wrinkled into…
rowing Tom Roche.

It’s all about devotion

As we come to the end of our Olympic preparation camp at the AIS European Training Center in Varese, Italy, I find myself thinking about the meaning of what we do here. Sport occupies a unique place in…
Former politician and economist John Hewson speaks to ANU’s Crawford School’s Bruce Chapman and Daniel Connell.

John Hewson: tax reform doesn’t just mean lowering taxes

Welcome to the latest in our In Conversation series, between former politician and economist Dr John Hewson, Australian National University (ANU) Crawford School Director of Policy Impact Professor Bruce…
Leader of the CNRT and outgoing Prime Minister, Xanana Gusmao, has decided to form a coalition with the PD and Frente-Mudanca parties. AAP

Falling short of a majority, Gusmao set to form coalition government in Timor Leste

Hopes and fears of an alliance between Timor-Leste’s two major political parties, CNRT (National Congress for Timorese Reconstruction) and FRETILIN (Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor…
The political tumult in Paraguay will have significant ramifications for future economic engagement between South American countries and Australia. AAP

Paraguay’s ‘coup’ puts a dent in Australian-South American trade dreams

World Cup qualifiers in South America are renowned for their ferocity. For Uruguayans, there is more at stake than national pride. Even a “friendly” against Argentina or Brazil is a chance for revenge…
The people of Papua New Guinea have been in political limbo for months. Jeremy Weate

The bumpy road to government: Papua New Guinea’s election

Papua New Guinea is currently in the midst of its eighth post-independence national election. The elections were due to conclude last week, but have dragged on due to poor organisation on the part of the…
There is no feasible set of adjustments around labour reform or productivity enhancements that will offset the loss of international competitiveness being experienced by the non-resources sector.

Ken Henry: why Australia’s non-mining sector will continue to struggle

A new approach to tackling the structural effects of Australia’s record terms of trade on non-mining industries is needed from both business and government, argues one of Australia’s most eminent economists…
Music is the language of love – and it exemplifies some principles of science. Roxanne Milward

This is a love song: the physics of music and the music of physics

My wife Theresa represents many things for me – in addition to being my partner, I see her as a 17cm-long quarter-wavelength resonator (which I hope you’ll understand and agree with by the end of this…
With the rest of the world mired in economic crises, it seems Australia is the place for foreign central banks to park their assets. Krug6

The boom has made the dollar a dazzler, but Australia is hardly a safe haven

Central banks everywhere - from Russia to the Czech Republic - are piling into Australian-dollar-denominated assets. This has limited the fall of the Australian dollar to around 3% from its peak even though…
Physical attendance at lectures may become a thing of the past. Flickr/Matt From London

Digital dawn: open online learning is just beginning

Universities are traditionally seen as exclusive institutions for the few, not the many. But that is changing as a new wave of online courses throws open the doors of academia to all. Led by world renowned…
Even with an e-health record, doctors will still need to ask patients about their medical history. j reed

Doctors and patients uneasy about new e-health records system

In the shadow of the carbon tax, Australia’s e-health records scheme rolled out on July 1 with what can only be described as a very soft launch. Unlike the carbon tax, the e-health records scheme is voluntary…
A recent report into Indigenous education that points the finger at schools and teachers missed the point. AAP Image/Dave Hunt

Indigenous education report misses the big picture

Any work that shines a spotlight on the appalling state of education for Indigenous Australians is to be welcomed. And so Helen and Mark Hughes are to be commended for their latest effort, a report called…
Alcohol restrictions will stay in place until 2022. librarianidol

Northern Territory Intervention extended … but is it working?

The last sitting week of parliament before the winter recess may well be remembered for the historic senate vote made late into the night. This legislation, with bipartisan support, agreed to the extension…
The Reserve Bank of Australia should keep interest rates on hold, say a group of influential economists. AAP

Keep rates on hold, says CAMA shadow board

_The Conversation, in conjunction with the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis (CAMA), will present the monthly findings of the Shadow Board, a day before the Reserve Bank of Australia Board meets…
The Occupy movement highlighted income disparity across the world. AAP/Dean Lewins

Australian census: not quite the US, but income gap widens

The Occupy movement in the US has brought into sharp focus the level of income inequality that exists in society. For example, in 2009 the top 10% of households in the US had an income that was about 11.5…
The late Sir Zelman Cowen negotiated The Age’s Charter of Independence. Flickr

The Fairfax Charter: balancing media, markets and democracy

After the purchase of the London Telegraph and Evening Standard, someone asked Lord Beaverbrook why he bought it, given the apparently limited financial returns that could be expected. His answer was simple…
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and Julia Gillard are at loggerheads over the investment chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. AAP

A dangerous investment: Australia, New Zealand and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

This week, San Diego is hosting the latest round of talks over the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Australia and New Zealand are at loggerheads over this secretive new trade treaty spanning the Pacific Rim…

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