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Neal Robert Haddaway

Research Fellow, Africa Centre for Evidence, University of Johannesburg

I work for the MISTRA Council for Evidence-based Environmental Management (EviEM) at Stockholm Environment Institute in Stockholm. EviEM works with researchers, policy-makers, and stakeholders to produce evidence-based guidelines on environmental conservation. I conduct systematic reviews of the literature. I am a conservation biologist by training but I have recently expanded from natural science into social science, with several qualitative and social science projects ongoing.

My main research interests are around the production and use of environmental evidence in decision-making. In particular I am interested in improving the transparency, efficiency and reliability of evidence synthesis as a methodology.

I am the co-creator of ROSES (RepOrting standards for Systematic Evidence Syntheses;, a set of rigorous standards for reporting the conduct of systematic reviews and maps in environmental topics.


  • 2018–present
    Research associ, Africa Centre for Evidence, University of Johannesburg
  • –present
    Research Fellow, Stockholm Environment Institute


  • 2010 
    Leeds University, PhD / Conservation biology