Coventry University

Coventry University is a public research university in the city of Coventry, England. It was established as a university through the Further and Higher Education Act 1992, and was formerly known as Lanchester Polytechnic until 1987 and Coventry Polytechnic until it was awarded university status.

With more than 27,000 students (as of 2013), Coventry University is the larger of the two universities in the city, the other being the University of Warwick. It has two campuses: one in the city centre of Coventry where a large majority of the university operates, and one in London. The campus in Coventry is currently undergoing a £160m redevelopment programme. The university comprises four faculties and one school, and manages a number of commercial subsidiaries that provide business services to local and national organisations.

The university is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, University Alliance, and Universities UK.


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Worthy winners? Anthony Stanley

Hard Evidence: what is the World Cup worth?

Ever wondered what the World Cup is worth? When Italian sculptor Silvio Gazzaniga designed the current trophy in 1971, it was worth US$50,000. Now the trophy is estimated to be worth US$10m. The World…
Chelsea could soon be champions of England and Europe, but they may end up with nothing. EPA

On the edge of your seat? That’s the business end of the season

There is a scene during the film Pulp Fiction in which Vincent Vega (John Travolta) recounts his experiences of eating at McDonalds in France to his fellow partner in crime, Jules Winnfield (Samuel L Jackson…
Rio prepares to prevent a ‘World Cup of Terror’ EPA/Antonio Lacerda

Terror threat highlights the need for risk management in sport

What we anticipated might happen in Sochi, in the end did not. Following bomb attacks in the Russian city of Volgograd a couple of months prior to the Winter Olympic Games, several governments issued grave…
Avast there: a US Navy search and seizure team chasing suspected Somali pirates. US Navy

Africa’s plan to police violent seas is more hope than strategy

Maritime security is fundamental to economic development all over the world, from local to regional up to international levels. The sea-based trading system, developed mostly by states with maritime borders…
Shaun White lost his gold medal, but kept his cool. Andrew Milligan/PA

Winter Olympics embraces ‘cool’ to fight off X-Games threat

Though a slip cost him gold in the half-pipe, and perhaps his title as the king of 21st century snow sports, American snowboarder Shaun White is what a hero looks like in 2014. White is a phenomenon: a…
Bavaria beer gets some unofficial airtime. Martin Rickett/PA

Models, Messi and wacky races: the art of ambush marketing

On the face of it, there doesn’t seem to be much to link Lionel Messi’s choice of drink with a Black Sea beach resort, a former holiday destination of Russian communist leaders. And yet over the next six…
Keep looking - there’s a new way of farming in there somewhere. Geoff Caddick/PA

Break agriculture’s chemical monopolies to free our food

Current farming methods rely too much on expensive chemicals such as fertiliser and pesticides; agroecology combines the best of ecological science and farmers’ knowledge to develop more sustainable food…
Erdogan has fallen out with his best political pal. P Photo/Burhan Ozbilici

Rift with party fuels crisis at heart of Turkey’s government

The long-standing and, hitherto, powerful government of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is under unprecedented pressure after one of the strangest fortnights in recent Turkish political history. Some key allies and…

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