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The Garvan Institute of Medical Research is a world leader in biomedical research, pioneering study into some of the most widespread diseases affecting our community today. Research at Garvan is focused on understanding the role of genes in health and disease as the basis for developing future cures.


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No one really knows whether taking large amounts of vitamins in tablet form is even the best way delivering them to the body. Shannon Kringen/Flickr

Health Check: four myths about vitamin supplements

People take vitamin supplements for all kinds of reasons, from maintaining general health to preventing cancer. But there’s no convincing evidence that vitamin supplementation benefits people who don’t…
The role of rare genes in obesity suggests we need to diverge from the singular approach to fighting obesity. Daniel Oines

Genetic research shows single approach to obesity won’t work

The holy grail of obesity research is a simple, single solution that could stem the tide of this epidemic. But research we published in PLOS ONE today shows that this is an implausible, if not impossible…
Epigenetic factors can change due to environmental factors, such as diet, toxins and stress. leeroy09481/Flickr

Explainer: how epigenetics is providing insight into cancer

DNA provides the instructions to make us how we look and contributes to our life expectancy. Identical twins have exactly the same DNA, so why are slightly different in many ways? The answer is epigenetics…
Evidence suggests that up to 30% of people who are obese are perfectly healthy. Rudd Centre for Food Policy

Appearance vs. reality: the perfectly healthy obese

No one can claim to be unaware of the risks of obesity in this day and age. Almost every day there are discussions in the media about the risks of carrying excess fat. But research shows the link between…

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