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Volunteering is a way to get involved in your community as this man, who has a refugee background, is doing in his work with older vision-impaired people. Volunteering Western Australia (VWA)

Where have all the volunteers gone?

The rate of volunteering among Australians and the hours individuals contribute appear to be falling. So how do people see volunteering and what can be done to restore this vital community activity?
Do we need to know that things are certain, or is a little uncertainty still okay? Flickr/jim simonson

Oh, the uncertainty: how do we cope?

The more knowledge we gather in our search for answers to the unknown, the more uncertainty we uncover. But that's not a bad thing.
Boards are no longer a female-free zone, but do you know why? Toronto Public Library

We need women on boards for many reasons: ethics isn’t one

There are many good reasons for increasing gender diversity on boards: better decisions, better performance, and better representation of the consumer base. But the idea, put forward in a variety of research…
Given their failure to predict management performance, why are organisations still using personality tests? h.koppdelaney/Flickr

How to cheat on personality tests, and other pseudosciences

In 1931 the Australian Institute of Industrial Psychology published lectures by A. H. Martin who, after dismissing astrology, palmistry and phrenology as pseudo-sciences, bravely put psychology forward…
Despite being the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter, China is increasing its renewable sources of energy. AAP/HOW HWEE YOUNG

China roars ahead with renewables

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) has just released some remarkable data on the addition of new electric generating capacity in 2013. China’s electric power system has been growing at a tremendous…
The Clean Energy Finance Corporation is supporting industry - like the world-leading Sundrop Farms - in a way no other body does. Sundrop Farms

A modern economy needs a Clean Energy Finance Corporation

This week, the Australian Senate is considering the government’s package of “carbon tax” abolition bills – bills abolishing the carbon tax, the Climate Change Authority (CCA) and the Clean Energy Finance…
GrainCorp has long been a target for US interests - because it has been effective. AAP

GrainCorp must now weigh its options

A lot of the current response to Treasurer Joe Hockey’s decision to block ADM’s A$3.4 billion takeover for GrainCorp is political rhetoric and doesn’t have to be taken seriously. But as Jeffrey Wilson…
Australia has embraced clean technology, but if we want to make a big difference we should free up clean tech trade. Espen Klem

Want a big idea? Let’s lead the world and free up clean tech trade

In 2014, Australia will host the G20 Summit. The Prime Minister’s Office has been canvassing privately for a Big Idea to present, something to take the green debate forward and put Australia’s stamp on…
The impending Keystone XL decision will signal whether the US is ready to move from quick profits to investments in renewable technology. Flickr/shannonpatrick

Keystone XL threatens true American ‘energy independence’

The Obama Administration is facing a critical choice over whether to approve an extension of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. If approved it will carry heavy crude oil from the tar sands of Alberta to refineries…
China’s solar photovoltaic industry has exploded in the last decade. AAP/Chinese Solar Energy.

What’s going on with Chinese solar?

The bankruptcy of Chinese solar energy company Suntech Wuxi is being depicted in the media as a sign of chaos in the solar industry. The industry is said to be suffering from disastrous price falls created…
Cement manufacture is a substantial producer of emissions, and we’re using ever-more concrete. Something has to change. Eduardo MC/Flickr

Eco-cement, the cheapest carbon sequestration on the planet

Cement production is one of the dirtiest industrial processes on the planet. It produces nearly 9% of global carbon emissions. This increases every year with the extraordinary demands for building materials…
Energy planning is complicated, but China is way ahead of us on creating a future energy system. Triin Noorkoiv

A tale of two energy visions: China and Australia

Over the past few weeks China and Australia have both released white papers on energy. The two documents could not be more different. Australia’s white paper is largely about our continued obsession with…
It may not be a silver bullet, but biochar has a lot to offer farmers (and the atmosphere). sillypucci/Flickr

Backing biochar: the Australian Government’s role

Evelyn Krull, a research scientist at the CSIRO, asked in these pages whether biochar could save the planet. Eighteen months have passed and although research efforts continue, still no meaningful quantities…
Do you see the light? Solar costs are comparable to fossil fuels, and are falling 45% annually. Flickr/MyEye85

Newsflash: solar power costs are falling below fossil fuels

Recent postings to The Conversation have enlivened the debate over the “Great Transition” that is underway all around the world from the fossil-fuelled energy systems of the 20th century to the renewably…
Lack of political will is holding back Australia’s solar innovation: here, AREVA Solar’s CLFR technology. Solar Dawn

Serious about renewables? It’s time to refloat the Solar Flagships

Australia knows how to provide public leadership in the complex coordination of public events. Just look at the recent staging of the opera La Traviata on Sydney Harbour. It was a one-off event that required…
Ulsan, Korea’s second-largest city, is leading the charge towards ecologically sustainable industrialisation. JTeale

Cities will drive the green industrial revolution

The debate over how to green industry remains locked into national and regional settings. However, it is really at the level of cities that progress is likely to be achieved. Increasingly, the focus of…
The Big Dish, developed in Canberra, could be a renewable energy winner if the government focussed funding. WizardPower

Time for government to pick a renewable energy winner

Let’s start with a question: why has Denmark been so successful in renewable energy creation and uptake? It can’t be that Denmark is a windy place (although that helped) or that it was a social democratic…

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