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Established in 1964, Macquarie University is a major Australian public teaching and research university. It is a dynamic, flexible and engaged university committed to excellence in teaching and global citizenship with a large and growing investment in research.


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Exams aren’t the only way to turn out graduates ready for the world of work. Flickr/Reality-check

Why we should abolish the university exam

The time has come to abolish university examinations. Just because something has been around a long time there’s no reason to assume it’s outdated. But in the case of exams that assumption would be right…
G20 ministers failed to deliver tangible outcomes to offset food price volatility. AAP

Much talk but little action from G20 agriculture ministers

Food policy experts hoping for tangible outcomes to address an escalating food crisis among developing countries have been disappointed by the outcomes of last week’s first-ever meeting of G20 agriculture…
Compared to countries like France, Australia’s food is expensive - but why? AAP

Mon Dieu! Why is Australian food so expensive?

I am fortunate to have recently returned from a holiday in France. While there I couldn’t help noticing the much lower price of many foods. Croissants and brioches retail for around $1.35 (1 euro) or less…
When is a roll in the hay worth losing your head over? Suizilla

Sexual cannibalism: a treat you can eat

Sex is often viewed as a totally harmonious interaction between a male and female with the same innate goal – to produce offspring. But it is becoming increasingly clear to biologists that the reproductive…
Hated enemy or part of the landscape? Radio Pictures

Cane toad movie says put aside prejudice - in 3D

Every night under cover of darkness an advancing wall of toads heads west. Rather than winding through the bush, the toads march straight down the highway, ignoring the official border signs. Meanwhile…
Australia’s disaster policies should concentrate on mitigation, not just reconstruction. AAP

Let’s ask the hard questions on reducing our disaster risk

Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland has said that Australia needs to rethink its natural disaster policies if it wants to reduce disaster costs in the future and avoid becoming the insurer of last…
Julia Gillard’s gender matters, but it also depends on which gender is listening. AAP

When Julia talks, does her gender speak louder?

How does gender affect the way people perceive Julia Gillard’s communication style? Australians’ responses to Julia Gillard seem complex and ambiguous, embodying the contradictions involved in how women…
First Minister Alex Salmond has promised to hold a referendum on Scottish independence. AAP

How Scottish elections could deliver an Australian republic

Australian republicans should watch the Scots. In the Scottish Parliamentary election held on 5 May, the Scottish National Party (SNP) secured an overall majority. Formerly in minority government in Scotland…
The Royal Wedding has seen great media interest, but hasn’t captured people’s emotions. AFP/Ben Stansall

The starry royal wedding of Wills and Kate fails to impress the people

The Royal Wedding has failed to capture the imagination of the commoners. Prince William and his bride can only dream of exciting people the way Oprah Winfrey did on her state visit here last year. It…
Financial measures to address ageing promote inequality and weaken the budget. Patrick Doheny/Flickr

The myth of the ageing ‘crisis’

So far there have been three Intergenerational Reports by Treasury examining the challenges of an ageing population which have consistently been used to justify new policies to address a potential ageing…
Ten thousand visitors a year are taking a toll. AAP

Loving Gallipoli to distraction or destruction?

Every year since the early 1990s, thousands of visitors have invaded the Gallipoli battlefield. The rise of this sad, starkly beautiful and melancholy place as a tourist destination is of course related…
Many jobs can be bad for your health. It’s important for the quality of work to improve before it can be seen as a universal good. Rafael Cavalcante/Flickr

A philosopher’s view: the benefits and dignity of work

In a recent speech presented at the Sydney Institute, Julia Gillard reaffirmed her commitment to welfare reform aimed at full employment. This was justified not by the need for the government to cut its…
Sure, they’re wiggy dudes, but do they offer good service? Steve Punter flickr

A modest proposal to end lawyers’ self-serving ways

The patently obvious was stated by Allan Myers QC, when he called for abolition of time-billing by lawyers in the Weekend Australian on Saturday. Politicians and judges have been calling for such reform…
A class action case is being attempted against US retailer Walmart. AAP

Walmart case may redraw US gender bias, class action rules

A controversial and wide-ranging sex discrimination case against US retailer Walmart is currently wending its way through the country’s highest court. A 10-year-old case, Walmart v Duke, began with legal…

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