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Museum Victoria

Museum Victoria is responsible for the state’s scientific and cultural collections, providing public access through three museums.

We also oversee a wide range of research programs, the continued development of the state’s collections, and run major education and research based websites.

We are the largest public museums organisation in Australia.



Mars, Saturn and the claws of Scorpius

Look up at the night sky this week and you’ll find Mars and Saturn together in the west. Mars stands out with its reddish colouring and you might just be able to detect a faint yellow tinge to Saturn…

Northern Perseids battle the moon

Over in the northern hemisphere, where summer is in full swing, it’s the time of the Perseids meteor shower. Generally it’s their best shower of the year, with 100 meteors predicted each hour over August…

Supermoon … or not so super?

A beautiful full moon is set to rise this Sunday night, August 10. It will be spectacular and I encourage everyone to go outside and have a look. But the question is: will it be a supermoon? Technically…

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