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Pardee RAND Graduate School

PRGS is unique in American higher education. It was founded in 1970 as one of the original eight graduate programs in public policy analysis. PRGS was the only program specializing in the Ph.D. It is also the only one based at a public policy research institute—the Santa Monica, California-based RAND Corporation—which invented many of the analytical tools of public policy analysis.

PRGS doctoral students take advanced courses in such fields as economics, statistics, political science, and the social sciences. They also work part-time as members of RAND’s interdisciplinary research teams, which is how they earn their fellowships.


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Un vendedor distribuye periódicos con mascarilla como medida preventiva contra la propagación del COVID-19 en Nairobi, Kenya. Simon Maina/AFP via Getty Images

África: recetas para atenuar los efectos del COVID-19 en las economías más vulnerables

Para las familias más vulnerables, la pérdida de ingresos debido a la pandemia se traducirá en desigualdad económica, escasez de alimentos para los niños y en un reducido acceso a la atención sanitaria.
Un travailleur de la santé se prépare à désinfecter le minibus dans lequel a voyagé le premier patient kenyan du Covid-19 à Ongata Rongai, près de Nairobi au Kenya, le 14 mars 2020. Yasuyoshi CHIBA/AFP

Les pays les plus précaires sont les plus vulnérables au Covid-19

Fermeture des écoles et des entreprises, populations confinées, la pandémie du coronavirus impacte les ménages et, plus généralement, les pays les plus fragiles au niveau économique et social.
Students listen to their teacher, Shuma Das, at the Sahabatpur Daspara Ananda school in Sahabatpur village, Bangladesh in 2016. Dominic Chavez/World Bank

What other countries can teach the US about raising teacher pay

Research from around the world shows that boosting teacher pay can lead to better student learning, but only if it’s accompanied by other things.
Climate change is increasing flooding caused by seasonal ‘king tides’ in Florida and other coastal areas. AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

We can’t save everything from climate change – here’s how to make choices

Climate change is happening and will intensify in coming decades. Some experts say it’s time for a triage strategy that focuses investments where they are most likely to have an impact.
After two terror attacks the prior week, police patrolled the Westminster Bridge on election day 2017 in London. AP Photo/Markus Schreiber

Lessons for first responders on the front lines of terrorism

Given the persistent risk of terrorist attacks and large-scale accidents, it’s more critical than ever for EMTs, police, firefighters and others to learn from the past.
Between the Earth and the moon: An artist’s rendering of a refueling depot for deep-space exploration. Sung Wha Kang (RISD)

Mining the moon for rocket fuel to get us to Mars

To get us to Mars and beyond, a team of students from around the world has a plan involving lunar rovers mining ice and a space station between the Earth and the moon.


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