St George's, University of London

As the UK’s only independent medical and healthcare higher education institution we offer medicine, biomedical sciences and health and social care sciences.

Scientists, students, doctors, nurses, psychologists, midwives, physiotherapists, radiographers, administrators and our hardworking support staff are all important members of the St George’s family.

We are a member of the federation of world-renowned colleges that make up the University of London.

We have a reputation within the NHS for producing excellent healthcare professionals. We share a site on our main campus with St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, one of south London’s busiest hospitals.


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Vaping could be a trojan horse for real cigarettes

The American Surgeon General published the first federal government report linking smoking and ill health 50 years ago. The report also demanded that the American government take appropriate remedial action…
Careful now… Kineckt

Fear and trembling through the bloody eye of the needle

It was late on a Friday afternoon in November. I was a 21 year-old medical student diligently waiting for an opportunity to practice some medical procedures when a patient was admitted who was happy for…
George W Bush: a man not to be misunderestimated. John Giles/PA Archive

Dangerous link between power and hubris in politics

Most people agree on the qualities that a leader should have: we prefer to follow people who are confident, decisive, ambitious and persuasive rather than the insecure, dithering, apathetic and weak. So…
Extreme anxiety is debilitating. Porschelinn

For some people, anxiety and phobias are taken to extremes

Anxiety is a common experience. It is entirely normal to feel anxious in certain circumstances or when imagining possible misfortunes. However, for some people it gets out of hand and severely affects…
“And then I instagrammed his appendix.” Mercy

Some doctor-patient social media relationships are NSFW

Patients have gone online, digital natives are entering medical schools and regulatory bodies, like the General Medical Council in the UK, are scrambling to respond to the impact these changes are having…
Malaria prevention is going beyond the mosquito net. Gates Foundation

New malaria vaccine has its flaws, but it’s better than nothing

The announcement that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) aims to register a malaria vaccine came on the same day Peter Higgs and Francois Englert were awarded the Nobel prize in physics for predicting the existence…
Matters of the heart … the ethics of organs aren’t simple. Charlotte Astrid

The ethics of opt out organs

Legend has is that the first human transplant took place in the 3rd century AD. The “lucky” recipient was said to be a sacristian called Justinian who received a donated leg from a recently demised Ethiopian…
Enjoy it while it lasts. DeGust

Fighting malaria requires new diagnostic tools

Malaria hits rural dwellers in poor countries the hardest. Those bitten by the wrong mosquito often do not know for many days that they have contracted malaria. Some have little or no access to doctors…

An unhealthy cause for taxation?

The concept of personal responsibility in health has an odd habit of falling in and out of fashion. Galen, the ancient Roman father of medicine, once declared it was shameful for a man to “suffer a pain…

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