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Tsinghua University

Founded in 1911, Tsinghua University–one of China’s most famous universities–is situated in a former Qing Dynasty imperial garden surrounded by many historical sites in northwest Beijing. Tsinghua’s evolution over the past 98 years has been closely linked to China’s development. Tsinghua University today subscribes to the education ideal of comprehensive mastery of Chinese and foreign, classic and modern knowledge in the sciences and the humanities.

This ideal is inspired by the mottos “Self-discipline and Social Commitment,” “Rigor, Diligence, Veracity, and Creativity,” “Actions Speak Louder Than Words,” and its core spirit “Patriotism, Devotion and Pursuing Excellence”. Tsinghua University has produced more than 170,000 graduates, many of whom have become distinguished scholars and leaders in all walks of life. They have contributed significantly to China’s economic, social, cultural, educational and scientific development.

Tsinghua is an important center in China for nurturing talented students and promoting advanced scientific research. A comprehensive, research-oriented, and open university, Tsinghua has developed an integrated education platform in science, engineering, the humanities, and medicine.


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Ice floe adrift in Vincennes Bay in the Australian Antarctic Territory. There are fears efforts to combat global warming will be undermined by double counting of carbon credits. AAP/Torsten Blackwood

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China can teach the West about tackling climate change

China has become a popular target of environmental ire, drawing criticism for its soaring carbon emissions and perceived intransigence during climate negotiations. Nonetheless, an easy target isn’t always…


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