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Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII), established in July 1945, is one of Indonesia’s leading private universities. It is located in Yogyakarta.


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Pendukung presiden petahana Joko Widodo dalam kampanye di Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta, Sabtu 14 April 2019. Bagus Indahono/EPA

Bagaimana pemilu Indonesia berbeda dari Australia

Warga kedua negara akan memilih perwakilan mereka dalam pemilihan masing-masing, tapi mereka memiliki cara berbeda dalam pelaksanaannya.
Supporters of incumbent Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who is running for re-election, react during his campaign rally in Jakarta, Indonesia, 13 April 2019. Bagus Indahono/EPA

How Indonesia’s elections differ from Australia’s

While citizens of both countries will choose their representatives in their respective elections, they have different ways of carrying out elections.
Kasus perkosaan di UGM adalah momentum yang bisa mengingatkan bahwa kita harus mendukung para penyintas. www.shutterstock.com

Kuatnya budaya victim blaming hambat gerakan #MeToo di Indonesia

Dengan kecenderuanga budaya Indonesia yang menyalahkan perempuan dalam kasus kekerasan seksual, korban pelecehan seksual tidak hanya menderita karena diserang tapi juga disalahkan.
The UGM rape case is a reminder that our priority should be to stand with the survivors of sexual assault. www.shutterstock.com

Victim-blaming culture holds back #MeToo in Indonesia

Under victim-blaming attitudes, the survivors of sexual violence suffer from double victimisation: being assaulted and being blamed.
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Indonesian President Joko Widodo arrive for high tea at the Grand Garden of Bogor Presidential Palace south of Jakarta. Lukas Coch/AAP

How will Australia’s plan to move its embassy to Jerusalem affect relations with Indonesia?

If their trade deal is delayed, this will not only create a huge loss for the Australian and Indonesian economies but also change foreign policy dynamics between the two countries.
Urban Light by Christ Burden at Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Rabbit Town displays a similar installation that allegedly copies Burden’s work. Terry Robinscon/Flickr

Redefining travel at Indonesia’s selfie destination, Rabbit Town

Travelling will never be the same with the advances of communication technology. The recently opened theme park Rabbit Town shows this.
Malcolm Turnbull campaigned on promises of a stable government – but given the Coalition’s slim victory, this may not be possible. Paul Miller/AAP

Views from abroad: how does the world see Australia’s political instability?

To understand how Australia's political uncertainty is being seen elsewhere, we reconvened our panel of experts from the UK, US, Indonesia and NZ to respond to the election results.
Does the rest of the world care about Australia’s election? EPA/Mast Irham

Views from abroad: how is the world seeing Australia’s election?

Experts in the UK, US, India, Indonesia and NZ explain how Australia's election is playing out abroad and what's at stake for our neighbours and allies.

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