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UCC was established in 1845 as one of three Queen’s Colleges at Cork, Galway and Belfast. It is an internationally competitive, research-led university that plays a key role in the development of Ireland’s knowledge-based economy. Our institutional research strategy focuses on creating and supporting world-leading clusters of researchers, building on the research strengths of the University, and is aligned with key Government strategies including the Strategy for Higher Education to 2030 (Hunt Report), and Ireland’s Strategy for Research and Development, Science and Technology, Innovation 2020.


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Recreación artística de un Tullimonstrum. PaleoEquii/Wikimedia Commons

El enigmático fósil del monstruo de Tully

Aunque hubo científicos que afirmaron que sabían qué era esta extraña criatura, nuestra investigación sugiere que la cuestión sigue abierta.
Ireland is still reliant on European funding as it repairs its economy. What will happen if voters reject this treaty? EPA/Andy Rain

Fiscal stability referendum: what it means for Ireland

Later today (European time), Irish voters will be asked to vote Yes or No on the Treaty for Stability, Co-ordination and Governance. The Yes campaign, lead by Ireland’s establishment parties, claim a No…

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