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In 1990 the Canberra College of Advanced Education became the University of Canberra. The University specialises in delivering professional education, with a focus on practical skills, and applied research as well as maintaining links with industry.


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We take for granted cheap and plentiful fruit and vegetables and “forget” about shortages. AAP

The hidden price of discounting fresh fruit and vegetables

How should we consider the potential broader ramifications of Coles’ recent promise to reduce by 50% the price of fresh fruit and vegetables? In the face of cheap fruit and vegetables, it is hard to take…
The creative sector may need a little help protecting itself online. unsure shot

Should Google be doing more to combat online piracy?

Creators of online content should feel free to share material online without fear of non-attribution or piracy, or having their copyright or trademarks misused. Plainly, the current system of enforcement…
Convicted murderer Keli Lane is one of Australia’s most famous cases of infanticide. AAP Image/Dean Lewins

Safe haven: preventing women from harming their babies

In December 2010, Keli Lane, a former champion water polo player, was convicted of the 1996 murder of her two day old daughter, Tegan. The new-born girl was never seen again after leaving the hospital…
Despite previous breast implant scandals, Australia still fails to gather data on cosmetic procedures. AAP

PIP breast implant controversy shows we’ve learned nothing

The worldwide controversy around the safety of PIP (Poly Implant Prosthèse) breast implants has elicited different responses from governments, despite all of them seemingly acting on the same set of evidence…
Curtis Stone and Normie Rowe in a Coles ad that has attracted the ire of a fake Chopper Read.

Chopper Read, Coles and Twitter: going down and staying down?

It is a very 21st century story. A Twitter account purporting to be that of noted Australian criminal Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read takes offence to an ad featuring ageing singer Normie Rowe and uses his…
Reducing the finance costs of housing will also reduce house prices. Flickr/kennymatic

A house for half the cost? Here’s how

Welcome to Safe as Houses, a series delving into a topic close to the heart of many Australians – property. This is not a series on where the market might be heading. Instead we aim to explore how we view…
Climate change will mean more natural disasters: let’s not be cynical about planning for them. AAP

Emergency Management at the cabinet table long overdue

Much of the commentary surrounding the Prime Minister’s new-look cabinet has focused on the promotion of her loyal lieutenants, Bill Shorten and Mark Arbib, and Nicola Roxon’s elevation to the Attorney-General…
Banks increasingly choose not to follow the lead of Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Glenn Stevens on interest rates. AAP

Should banks be compelled to pass on interest rate cuts?

As Reserve Bank of Australia board members gather today to ponder Australia’s cash rate, financial markets are having a bet each way the RBA will cut rates amid the release of data reflecting a softening…
Personal loans should be used to fund major infrastructure projects, like the National Broadband Network. AAP

Want to end the GFC? Put debt to good use

The Global Financial Crisis should be called the Global Debt Crisis. Too much debt has been created and there is not enough productive capacity to pay the interest on the debt, let alone repay the loans…
Incentives paid by the government have failed to provide the changes needed to shore up Medicare for the future. AAP

What ails thee: diagnosing the health of Medicare

Health Minister Nicola Roxon recently floated the idea that it might be time to revamp Medicare. Previous attempts have resulted in band-aid efforts to cover policy failures that contribute to out-of-pocket…
An abandoned shopping mall in Harvey, Illinois, once the scene of the car chase in iconic movie The Blues Brothers. Flickr/Kenfagerdotcom

Dawn of the dead mall: will we follow the US and dump the shopping centre?

The shopping mall - it’s an essential part of American culture - the quintessential US shopping experience. And Australia isn’t far behind. More and more of us are ditching local stores for the convenience…
Concerns that the national health survey is a manifestation of Big Brother are misplaced. Cristiano Betta

Australian Health Survey is not your Big Brother

The Australian Health Survey (AHS) has recently been in the news, with people expressing concern that a national health census is an egregious infringement of their right to privacy and a manifestation…
Water bursting from dams doesn’t just look impressive; it’s vital to the health of Australian rivers. Kincuri

Rivers, rain and releases: what happens when you dam a waterway?

Water exploding from the Jindabyne Dam into the Snowy River made for compelling viewing in recent TV news reports. As well as being good TV, this water release highlighted the importance of releases in…
Promises of a quick weight-loss fix mask the realities of liposuction. Laura Mary

Quick and easy, or painful and risky? The truth about liposuction

Welcome to part seven of The science behind weight loss, a Conversation series in which we separate the myths about dieting from the realities of exercise and nutrition. Here, health sociologist Rhian…
Banks such as NAB are reportedly positioning themselves to use covered bonds to raise funds.

Banks want covered bonds, but could taxpayers be left with the risk?

Australian banks are positioning themselves to take advantage of new laws allowing them to use the new instrument of covered bonds to raise funds. Our large banks especially have enthusiastically welcomed…

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