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In 1990 the Canberra College of Advanced Education became the University of Canberra. The University specialises in delivering professional education, with a focus on practical skills, and applied research as well as maintaining links with industry.


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‘Light’ wines are potentially big business if they can be successfully marketed to the diet-conscious consumer. Steve Petric

‘Light’ wine: good for your waistline or just producers’ bottom line?

Dieters can now have their wine and drink it, guilt-free and minus the hangover. That’s the promise of so-called “light” or low-alcohol, low-calorie wines. But these wines are not considerably lighter…
A group of university researchers in Oklahoma are trying to patent a new cut of steak, which would provide their university with a healthy revenue stream if the patent is licensed to meat processors. Flickr\james c.

Everything but the squeal: researchers steak claim with beef patent

During the golden age of the unregulated food industry, Chicago slaughterhouses boasted that they processed every part of the animal except for the squeal. How times have changed: agricultural businesses…
Microsoft’s negative marketing campaign says less about Google and more about its insecurity in the IT industry. AAP/Everett Kennedy Brown

Microsoft’s mean streak reveals a company in crisis

You can tell a lot about an organisation’s culture and view of the world by looking at what it says about its competitors. Some enterprises, just like some politicians and academics, are serene. They don’t…

Gonski spotlight now on Victoria and Queensland

Barry O'Farrell’s signing up to the Gillard offer on schools funding could be the tipping point for the federal government to get a deal with most states. But the other key conservative states – Victoria…
A famous US case of a woman suing McDonald’s for $2.9 million after scalding herelf is urban legend; but just how relevant is it to Australia? reidmix/Flickr

Why McDonald’s scalding case could be a storm in a coffee cup

Revelations an Adelaide woman, Jessica Wishart, is suing a McDonald’s franchise for scalds she received from coffee purchased at the restaurant have provoked outrage in the media, and inevitable comparisons…
There’s a strong financial case to selling Medibank Private, but politics has made privatisation an unpopular choice. AAP/ Joel Carrett

Privatising Medibank: good business hamstrung by bad politics

At first sight it is surprising that neither the government nor the opposition, both seeking budgetary savings, is proposing to sell Medibank Private. When retiring Medibank Private chairman Paul McClintock…

University cuts take gloss off school package

The argument that the government has muddied its education message by cutting university funding as part of its package to boost schools spending has been reinforced by polling today from Essential Research…
A universal student ID could be on way for Australian students. ID image from

One student ID to rule them all?

Is a universal (and cradle to grave) identity number on the way for all Australian students? The government is now seeking to create a mandatory universal identifier for all Vocational Education and Training…
Peter Cosgrove is on the Coalition’s shortlist for new governor-general, if they win government. AAP/Paul Miller

Cosgrove on Coalition’s governor-general shortlist

Former Defence Chief Peter Cosgrove is likely to be at the top of the short list for the next governor-general if Tony Abbott becomes prime minister. The Coalition is concerned that the Gillard government…
Social, environmental and economic forces affect a person’s health. Sander van der Wel.

The growing movement to increase health equity

It’s a story that wouldn’t normally make the headlines. A middle-aged man in a central Queensland town found himself stacking on a lot of weight unusually quickly. His blood pressure was on the rise, and…
Tony Abbott has softened his stance on gay marriage. AAP/Paul Miller

Abbott signals shift on gay marriage

Tony Abbott has made an important shift in the Liberal position on gay marriage. In another step on the road to a likely eventual change in the Australian law, Abbott now says the policy on the issue will…
Climate Minister Greg Combet has played down the European decision. AAP/Alan Porritt

Grattan on Friday: Carbon budget blow from Europe

So much for Julia Gillard’s hope that the carbon tax debate would fade once the scheme was bedded down in the middle of last year. The issue has erupted again, hitting the government where it hurts at…
Location-restricted services are becoming ever easier to access, wherever you live. Daniel Dionne

Explainer: what is geoblocking?

So you sit down in front of your computer to catch the latest episode of Doctor Who directly from BBC’s iPlayer, and you are greeted by an error message informing you that the program will play only in…
Reform of medical regulations has become a hot potato being passed from one agency to another. eltpics/Flickr

Consumers lose out as TGA reform turns into a hot potato

Two bills in the national parliament provide a snapshot of our health regulatory system, and just like a smoker’s lungs, it’s not a pretty picture. The bills show that we’re slow in fixing regulatory incapacity…
Terry Moran is urging public servants be allowed to use new technology to speak about their jobs more frankly. AAP/Alan Porritt

Let’s hear it from the public service: Moran

Public servants should have greater scope to speak out publicly about long-term issues, the former head of the Prime Minister’s department Terry Moran has said. Moran also urges bureaucrats to make more…

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