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In 1990 the Canberra College of Advanced Education became the University of Canberra. The University specialises in delivering professional education, with a focus on practical skills, and applied research as well as maintaining links with industry.


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Abbott’s troops not all in step

Any troubles Tony Abbott has are tiddlers compared with Julia Gillard’s but, despite his repeated pleas for discipline, the opposition leader can’t stop a few cracks and breakouts. Today there were three…
The focus group results deliver Mike Kelly a mixed report card. AAP/Alan Porritt

The Eden-Monaro project: Voters tired of leadership circus

As Labor caucus members return to Canberra uncertain who will be PM at the end of this final fortnight parliamentary sitting, voters in the bellwether seat of Eden-Monaro are saying to them: just sort…

Men flay Gillard in poll

Julia Gillard’s pitch last week to female voters has backfired dramatically, with Labor’s primary vote in today’s Nielsen poll falling 3 points to 29% while support among men has plunged 7 points. With…

External review of ADF sex scandal desirable

The timing couldn’t have been more apt. As the political debate this week was consumed by issues of gender and sexism, the Australian Defence Force announced it had uncovered yet another scandal involving…
Kevin Rudd’s campaigning today will be a reminder to the caucus of his popularity among people. AAP/Dave Hunt

Grattan on Friday: caucus members are sitting on a powder keg

Kevin Rudd will hit western Sydney today to do some high profile campaigning. For Labor, he would say. For the leadership, others would note. Rudd will be mobbed. He’ll visit schools in the electorates…
Lieutenant General David Morrison is “appalled” at the defence force email scandal. AAP/Lukas Coch

Officers demean women in new defence force scandal

The Australian Defence Force is engulfed in a fresh sex scandal, with three members already suspended and under police investigation…

Bullets fly as Labor steps up gender war

This started as a tale of how Julia Gillard overplayed the gender card, suffered a backlash, and then was saved by the appearance of a sexist menu from a Liberal fundraiser, that referred to her body parts…

Questions for Kevin

If Kevin Rudd managed to wrest the prime ministership from Julia Gillard, among the first questions he would need to answer is how he’d address the three issues she promised to resolve after she overthrew…

Shorten says he continues to support Gillard

With the Rudd speculation building to a new frenzy, Julia Gillard must be contemplating how history will regard her. It’s still being assumed she would refuse to stand aside regardless of evidence or entreaties…

Rudd plays the popularity card

Kevin Rudd insists he is back on centre stage just to “lend a hand” to Labor’s cause – like he does, less noticed, in electorates around the country all the time. Many colleagues see that as, shall we…
Gillard’s personal resilience is remarkable, whatever one thinks of her political nous. AAP/Alan Porritt

Grattan on Friday: Crazy days, and more to come before it’s over

Parliament is up for a week, before its final fortnight session of the term. Labor MPs are dreading those last two weeks. If they are anything like the past few days, they’ll be disastrous. “Febrile” and…
Former leader Kevin Rudd maintains that he accepts the verdict of the last leadership ballot. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

Rudd leaves crack open on leadership

Kevin Rudd has given heart to his loyalists by failing to repeat his categoric March declaration that he will never lead…

Even Labor humour is bitter

Ridicule can be politically deadly, as former chief government whip Joel Fitzgibbon knows full well. His morning TV “joke” today was another spectacular sign of how discipline within Labor has collapsed…

Blame game in asbestos affair

The NBN asbestos affair is, apart from being a major concern in itself, particularly bad for the government because it triggers memories of the mishandled pink batts scheme. That’s why the opposition is…
Senator David Feeney believes he has the support of the Prime Minister for preselection in the seat of Batman. AAP/Alan Porritt

Brian Howe says PM should keep out of Batman battle

Former deputy prime minister Brian Howe, who held Batman for two decades, has strongly backed local woman Mary-Anne Thomas…

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