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University of Surrey

The University of Surrey is a global university, renowned for the outstanding quality and impact of its graduates and research, as well as its collective contribution to society.

Since the University’s founding in the 1960s out of origins that can be traced back to 1894, its community has thrived on strong connections and collaborations on campus and with the wider world.

Today, we remain true to those goals and have an ambitious strategic agenda to be in the top 100 universities in the world, generating knowledge, educating change-makers, and influencing practice beyond our boundaries for a better society and planet.

Surrey is always looking for ways for its academics to engage with the public and show the relevance of research to the wider world. The Conversation will provide opportunities to do this.

Research with impact

Ground-breaking research at Surrey is bringing direct benefits to many spheres of life – helping industry to maintain its competitive edge and creating improvements in the areas of artificial intelligence, sustainability, health and life sciences, medicine, and space science.

The 2021 Research Excellence Framework reported that 89 per cent of our submitted research outputs are rated as world-leading or internationally excellent, while 94 per cent of our research is taking place in an environment conducive to producing world-leading or internationally excellent research in the future.

An international outlook

The University of Surrey is committed to being a world-leading, international university. Our goal is to work with international partners to tackle the global challenges we face. We actively explore opportunities for high-quality joint research with government, industry and charitable organisations.

As part of the University Global Partnership Network (UGPN), whose members include North Carolina State University and The University of São Paulo, we are engaged in a new approach to partnerships, focusing on deep engagement with a small number of institutions across the world.


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