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The University of Technology Sydney is an Australian university with an international focus. UTS is a recognised leader in teaching and learning with a model founded on discovery, creativity and collaboration. UTS research aims to reach out to the world, to drive change and discover practical solutions to national and international problems.


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The protest which started here in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid in mid-May has now swept throughout Spain. AAP/Pedro Armestre

How Spanish outrage could transform Europe

On 15 May 2011, one week before Spanish regional and municipal elections, young people gathered on Madrid’s Puerta del Sol square to start a protest known as 15-M movement. It has since acquired a universal…
Alice Springs’ many faces: the intervention, tourism, grog - and a housing crisis.

How Alice tackles its housing crisis now will shape its future

Each year for the last three years, I’ve taken a group of architecture students to Alice Springs for a 10-day urban design workshop. I first found myself in this city during Desert Mob – the annual sale…
Creative writing courses are booming in Australia. AAP

The rise and rise of creative writing

The phrase “creative writing” is believed to have been first used by Emerson when he referred to creative writing and creative reading in his address ‘The American Scholar’ in 1837. The first classes in…
The university funding system discourages research on volunteers like these men who are risking their lives to help their community. Flickr/Rob Down Under

In universities obsessed with research here’s what falls between the cracks

In Australian universities at the moment research is everything. They obsess over the rankings in the new ERA system which measures research performance. For academics publishing in the top journals isn’t…
Business leaders recognise sustainability is crucial but need help to drive changes. AAP

Sustainable business starts right here

Sustainability is often criticised as too diffuse a term to be meaningful. Yet it is too important to ignore. Business can be a positive force for change towards sustainability, playing a crucial role…
Is LinkIn’s successful float a harbinger of a looming tech bubble? AAP

LinkedIn is floating on air… or is that a bubble?

LinkedIn’s highly successful share market debut on Wall Street overnight will have no doubt delighted the social networking site’s founders and investors, with the stock’s price more than doubling during…
Prime Minister Julia Gillard is a keen football fan but women lack representation on the governing bodies of most Australian sports. AAP

What’s the score with women on sport boards?

Despite stunning progress on the sport field in the past 100 years, women’s representation off the field remains a serious challenge. While there was not a singe female athlete at the first modern Olympic…
Did Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae lead the race to the bottom in mortgage quality?

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae: guaranteed to fail?

The global financial crisis has occasioned a vast literature purporting to analyse the causes and consequences of the crisis. The crisis literature ranges from morality play narratives, insider accounts…
Blue carbon could mean a brand new day in sequestration. Flickr/Daniel Peckham

A carbon store by the seashore? It’s sedimentary

One of our most valuable stores of carbon dioxide isn’t even covered in our carbon accounting plans. And because we don’t know about it, we may be destroying it. Seagrass meadows, mangroves and salt marshes…
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, left, has big plans for Skype. Kimihiro Hoshino/AFP

A big call: what Microsoft wants from Skype

Microsoft’s US$8.5 billion Skype acquisition, announced yesterday, gives the US software developer a golden opportunity to expand its business via the internet, including accessing and leveraging the rapidly…
Successful: the threat of cuts led researchers to hold rallies in state capitals. AAP

Medical research funding has been saved: now we need to spend wisely

The NHMRC budget escaped the threatened $400 million cut in last night’s Federal Government budget announcement. Instead, the 4% annual increase it has received in recent years will continue for another…
Changes to the charity tax rules could impact on Gloria Jean’s among other organisations. Flickr/Edwin Tang ET

Charity tax changes to help lawyers and accountants, but no-one else

Tonight’s budget is expected to tighten a tax loophole for charities which run businesses unrelated to their charitable work. The government thinks it will increase revenue for Australia’s coffers. It…
Future falls in mineral prices could hurt Australia’s economy. AAP

Are we in danger of squandering the boom?

The International Monetary Fund recently called on Australia to bank more of the proceeds of the resources boom. The fund has warned that Australia needs to manage its resources wisely, or run the risk…
Technology companies lose the confidence of their customers at their peril. AAP

Credibility at risk in Sony hacking scandal

It has been a lousy few weeks for technology companies when it comes to maintaining both the privacy and confidence of their customers. In the last few days, Sony had admitted a recent security breach…

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