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In its 50-year of history, the University of Trento has been known for its attention towards international relations and mobility and for the quality of its research and courses. These features have led the University of Trento to reach prominent positions in national and international university rankings.


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‘Counter-Strike’ has sold over 25 million units, making it one of the most popular first-person shooters of all time. Miyaoka Hitchcock/flickr

How the US military is using ‘violent, chaotic, beautiful’ video games to train soldiers

Two researchers interviewed military members and vets to see what role first-person shooters played in their lives – before, during and after their enlistments.
Cute, cuddly and numerically competent. timsackton

Pigeons can count, but chicks are even better

The humble pigeon has been in the scientific spotlight lately since the discovery that the much-maligned species is far smarter than previously thought. A study by psychologist Damian Scarf and colleagues…

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